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September Discussion Thread: Bring the frost; kill the bugs.


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7 minutes ago, Damage In Tolland said:

Most folks on same page it seems of a warm month starting the 15th or so

Am not sure what will change the pattern?  MJO i suppose or some huge tropical exchange with the polar region.  All i see is another year of warmer than normal as represented by sea breeze summer cooler NYC data...7 of the first 8 months of 2021. 

I aw the 00z/5 MEX MOS guidance for NYC this morning and it starts at or above normal for many days... beginning the 6th. I'm not sure about Wed-The but warmth is apparently coming.




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I will say, day-10 Euro range uncertainties, notwithstanding...   +22 to +23C 850 mb temperatures over Michigan on September 15 is rare.  To mention ...nested in ~ +2 SD circumvallate region that really encompasses Iowa to New York beneath the 40th parallel.

It's eye candy for warm weather weather enthusiasts, if nothing else.    I'd like the see the EPS and GEFs means not going the other way with the non-hydrostatic heights.  

I opined a while ago and won't get read   ( tl ; dr ) ..etc... But, with evidence to speeding up the flow in the ambient hemisphere, already ... I don't think these notions are stable.   

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We’ve had some weaker maples turning color for weeks now. One down the road is always early with vibrant color and early drop. But yeah, the swamp maples have been early here as well. There’s a swampy area in Loudon over where we pick apples that almost looks past peak.other than that the leaves seem to be on a normal pace. There’s a hint of yellow in our birches/aspen.

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14 minutes ago, kdxken said:

Don't encourage them. 

Shows how long it takes to remove the abnormally dry designation… still seeing that from May/June dry weather.  Been pretty wet since mid-July… not SNE wet but the garden hasn’t needed water for a long time.

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Yeah this is the pick of the holidays here so far. Not that that's saying much.


05/28 54.7  42.9 0.15       0.0  0
05/29 51.0  40.9 0.22       0.0  0
05/30 50.7  43.4 0.52       0.0  0
05/31 57.4  46.3 0.28       0.0  0

07/03 57.5  53.4 1.08       0.0  0
07/04 68.7  53.4 0.50       0.0  0
07/05 74.5  53.3 0.00       0.0  0
07/06 83.5  63.7 0.04       0.0  0

09/03 70.8  50.6 0.00       0.0  0
09/04 73.6  53.4 0.00       0.0  0
09/05 68.0  51.9 0.11       0.0  0


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