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  1. I'm not asking for much, but a little rain would be appreciated as it has been a pretty dry summer out here in this area.
  2. Looks like a thunderstorm is incoming albeit slowly. Lots of thunder almost continuous. I'll take the rain, but hopefully not torrential downpours as I have a lot of soil with grass seed waiting for moisture.
  3. Pretty much a swing and a miss on round 1.
  4. We have been sitting right on the edge of this line for about 30 minutes. Not a drop rain here yet. I can't recall riding one this close for this long. It has been very slow to push the final mile or so south. Winds have essentially died.
  5. Looks we will finish up here with 1.76 inches since last evening.
  6. Flipped back to mostly snow here. 29 degrees.
  7. Down to 31/26 here and beginning to stick on the deck.
  8. It looks to me that the SE slide continues on the NAM.
  9. Probably not a large number remember Ross's run for president. Anywho - at least it looks like the 18Z Nam has not given up any ground for SNE.
  10. I think Ross Poirot would say that there is a "giant sucking' sound" coming from tomorrow night.
  11. Need a score card keep all of these things straight.
  12. Thanks - I always wondered which way it was measured.