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  1. Temp here down to 34. Given the rate of drop, it is still and hour or two away from hitting 32.
  2. Down to 36* but and appears to be all rain still here in New Hartford.
  3. Any thoughts as to how long we can keep this up?
  4. That is a thing of beauty - current conditions seem to support this coming to fruition.
  5. It is ripping out there! It is great being under yellows on the radar!
  6. If this could keep going for while - this would add up quickly. I fear it is going to be too transient to amount to much.
  7. It has gotten quite lively out there with moderate snow and the wind has really started cranking.
  8. We are vacillating between snow and sleet. More time as sleet. 25 degrees.
  9. Went from nothing to a nice steady snow in a matter of a minute.
  10. We are getting some mangled flakes occasionally making to the ground here in New Hartford.
  11. I'm not asking for much, but a little rain would be appreciated as it has been a pretty dry summer out here in this area.
  12. Looks like a thunderstorm is incoming albeit slowly. Lots of thunder almost continuous. I'll take the rain, but hopefully not torrential downpours as I have a lot of soil with grass seed waiting for moisture.