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1 hour ago, HoarfrostHubb said:

They seem to go for the little whorl of (what's left of) my hair... 

The bug zapper tennis racket thing was very useful and satisfying this morning... bzzzzzAAAPPPP!!!!

Ground zero!  When I smack one there all her chums come to the funeral, and of course after the service they expect a meal.  Only ones and twos so far here, and nothing outside of Aroostook has approached the dozens (seemed like hundreds) that would torment me in the Allagash/St. John woods.  While high 80s and beyond usually discourage the black flies (1996 the notable exception) I've never seen it too hot for deerflies.  Maybe they're use to it because of where they come from?

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34 minutes ago, DotRat_Wx said:

Please be careful with family and friends out on the water.

Way too many drownings and calls for missing people this weekend at the station.

I have been shocked at the number of drownings in Mass over the last few weeks.   Not sure if stats are kept annually but it seems quite high

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1 hour ago, DavisStraight said:

That sucks, I went over the handle bars when I was a kid and landed on my head, probably explains a few things today but it was not fun.

My butt slipped off the front the seat and my crotch went down onto the frame. Think i did that a few times but everything works alright.

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