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April 15 16 Obs Thread


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Just now, HIPPYVALLEY said:

It was pouring rain earlier at 34/32 and just couldn’t get it to flip.  Wet flakes mixed in now. 
i’ll take a ride up into the hills later.  Seems like NE of here better than W of here. 

Maybe we flip later, I don't know what to expect, Could be 0-12" depending on the model of choice, Latest HRRR has 1" here and 10 miles south or so 12".

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18 minutes ago, STILL N OF PIKE said:

Most models including our trusted euro  ended up having the 925mb way  too far WNW or NW. Its further SE and Over ACK as of 13z


850 Low is over ACK as well. Look out

RAP ftw yesterday. Kept showing that. 

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16 minutes ago, Ginx snewx said:

We tried to tell um

Two of the most ridiculous arguments in meteorology:

1) Ground is too warm 

2) sun angle is too high

While of course there is truth to that...you also have to understand what's an play. I can't stand when people dismiss accumulating snow right off the bat b/c of those two factors. 

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