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Feb 10th-11th Potent front/system

Brian D

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KLOT update for tomorrow

Our next wave is starting to spread light radar returns across
South Dakota at this time, and will be approaching our longitude
later Thursday afternoon and (moreso) evening. Latest guidance
continues to indicate that snow is a good bet for locales north of
I-88, and potentially even towards I-80 as well. The attendant
jet streak is fairly robust, and seeing some signs in regional
cross sections/BUFKIT soundings that more in the way of convective
instability may be present with this system. Latest model
consensus continues to support the main corridor of ascent
focusing near and north of the state line, but see a potential for
a swath of 1-2" of snow north of I-88. Finally, there are some
signals pointing towards somewhat more robust LES developing into
the northeast Illinois shore tomorrow evening.
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With this little burst of 2 inches this afternoon and evening  we've got a decent 6-7 inch snowpack going and looks like it's going to stay and get built on for possibly 2 more weeks.  Like I've said before, maybe 1 out of 4 winters do we get to enjoy this.  Also we had some really good drifting out here in the country late this afternoon and evening.  Some stout 24 to 30 inch drifts on the E-W roads in places, 2 footers common place, some roads impassable without a 4wd.  Joys of living in the stix :tomato:

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