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  1. CoachLB

    August 2018 General Discussion

  2. CoachLB

    April 2018 General Discussion

    Finished with 3.24 inches of rain for Tuesday.
  3. CoachLB

    Apr. 2-4 Severe Threat

    Just went over 3 inches. Storm that just went through dropped 1 inch in 20 minutes.
  4. At 4 inches. Still snowing. Probably clear me within an hour or so.
  5. Sure looks like winter and not spring. Up to 3 inches of wet plaster.
  6. 5-7 inches being reported in central Indiana. I've got 2 inches measurable. Melted off for the first hour or so.
  7. 5 inches being reported in Lafayette.
  8. This thread go to sleep lol. Big old wet sloppy flakes flying.