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  1. Last nights tornado was only about 1000 yards south of previous one’s track. Neighbors helping neighbors and their stuff isn’t even rebuilt yet.
  2. Well a couple weeks ago the SPC didn't move it north and an EF2 tornado drove right by my house and took out a 25 mile stretch of homes and barns. plus all the damage further north because they thought the same thing. look to be in the danger zone again.
  3. Lots of damage locally. Lucky compared to other locations.
  4. Closer than I thought. My neighbors ring camera.
  5. not sure how much damage has been done but a tornado missed me by about a half mile. getting little bits of some homes damaged just outside of town.
  6. Just a tick over 5 inches. Probably 6 with melt off before good rates took over.
  7. The turd coming in Friday morning wraps up so tight it almost wraps all the way back around to us. kicking the next system south cmon man!
  8. Balmy 16 this morning with a real feel of 3. A couple dustings yesterday.
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