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  1. 2.5 inch hail reported in beavercreek Ohio.
  2. Getting shredded. Multiple tornado warnings all around me.
  3. Here it is as it crossed into Mercer county out of jay county Indiana.
  4. Tornado on the ground Mercer county Ohio.
  5. Nice paste job. 3 inches measured this morning with compaction.
  6. Cars currently covered in snow and grass is getting topped. Haven’t even got into the good stuff yet. Advisory for 2-4 inches.
  7. Was just ripping sleet at 40 degrees lol.
  8. It was 40 degrees and ripping sleet lol. Temperature dropped to 37 briefly.
  9. Sleet has helped the freezing rain and drizzle at times stick to some sidewalks cars and the usual things.
  10. Current snow depth lol.
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