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Central PA - Winter 2020/2021 Part 2


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11 minutes ago, Ruin said:

Any idea in why its ending so fast now? when before it was said to snow all day into the night with light snow and linger till fri am?

Snow still stretches out into Kentucky (though if a coastal starts to form that could go poof at some point) so no sign of it ending any time soon. 

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Just now, Bubbler86 said:

Reading the MA thread there is taint much closer than expected.  Frederick is freezing rain.  Sees there may be taint up into S/E Lancaster county now. 

There are big mangled flakes falling outside here in Gap. I'm 300 yards south of Route 30. Changeover imminent I'm afraid. 

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5 minutes ago, Cashtown_Coop said:

My friend was driving home from work and called me.  Said sleet in thurmont then It switched to snow by rocky ridge exit (motter station rd)

Thanks.  Hopefully she makes it safely.  The HRRR changes us both to sleet for a period just before lunch.  The orientation of the sleet line it sw to ne.

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