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  1. Trout was dropping a ton of weather geek words and phrases. Definitely one of us.
  2. Strongly considered staying in AC... regretting it slightly now lol. Maybe I'll try driving over to the boardwalk later.
  3. I'm down in Absecon right outside of AC... Drove down from Lancaster County. Ripping down here. Haven't seen snow blow like this in my life.
  4. Ripping in Absecon. Forget measuring. Just went downstairs to rebook this room for tonight.
  5. Ripping in Absecon. Chase has not disappointed. Ended up sleeping through a death band because I had insomnia last night
  6. Yes, I believe he is checking into a hotel in Braintree.
  7. RGEM has been cutting back totals, especially N+W, the last few runs.
  8. Still snowing lightly in Gap. 31.8. Definitely some slight meltage in the grass but still at least an inch on the ground.
  9. I saw that DT Risk guy has the 4" line almost to MDT. I honestly don't know how he has so many followers. Would love to see it but that's an aggressive call. 8" NW of 95. I was waffling on driving to NJ tonight, but my son is still positive for COVID and I can't be around him anyway, so thinking I might as well
  10. Light coating of snow in Gap this morning with light snow still falling. 27. I think Vineland is the destination today. Closer, safer from coastal issues, and should still enjoy blizzard or near blizzard conditions there.
  11. Good call...I'm just going to find a spot away from the water.
  12. Yep... Honestly, this probably locks in the shore for a major event. Thinking about driving down to Absecon area with my daughter tomorrow...
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