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  1. Crazy. We have about 0.01" since Saturday and that has all fell in the last five minutes. Have been missing stuff in all directions for the last five days. Getting frustrating lol
  2. 12Z GFS was a huge step in the right direction. We'll see if the Euro follows suit.
  3. SPC has increased the forecasted CAPE for much of SE PA. Big swath of 3000+ possible over Chester County and surrounding areas.
  4. @Mount Joy SnowmanWhen I saw the OBS in the LNP this morning, I assumed the Mt. Joy one was you.
  5. SN+ in Gap. About 1.4" so far. 29.8, hit a high of 31.5 just before precip started.
  6. When I was a kid, my dad used to drive my telescope and I up to a big open field about a half mile past the lookout turnoff. On a clear winter night... Amazing.
  7. Hey now... As a 2001 AAHS grad... I resemble that remark!
  8. I like my location out in Gap no doubt.... Would love to be a little higher (only 480 feet in Gap) but looking at this as a bonus event.
  9. Glaze on the trees last evening. This was also the first time this winter I noticed the evening sun hitting the WNW facing side of my house again. Spring is coming.
  10. LOL, yup. It will be in the Great Lakes by Wednesday.
  11. They canceled it everywhere except for a couple NE counties. Hoisted a new WWA for the stuff coming tonight.
  12. I always forget how far to the northwest the Philadelphia city limits spread. There are areas between Conshohocken and Roxborough that you would never guess you are in the city.
  13. The HRRR is dreadfully bad at sniffing out warm noses.
  14. I know some folks to the far NW are disappointed, but this was a fun storm. One of the biggest factors for me with storm enjoyment is start time--nothing better than getting up at 5 AM and brewing some coffee just as the sidewalks are dusting up, and knowing you have nowhere to be. We ended up with about 5.3" here before the sleet took over, and it's coming down hard.
  15. Just went out to measure, a hair over 5". Parkesburg is closer to 7.5", we *just* missed the beef of that heavier band to our SE earlier.
  16. Sounds like they are pushing 10" in Wayne and over a foot near Conshohocken. Impressive.
  17. Interesting, I was on a work call and looked outside and noticed it had that classic mixing look (scattered flakes falling quickly). I looked back five minutes later and it's back to SN/SN+, no mixing.
  18. I am up at the other end of 41 in Gap. We have about 4.5" here so far. Flakes got a little mangled a couple hours ago but haven't had any sleet (yet).
  19. 4.2" in Gap. SN to SN+. Radar looks great to our west.
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