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  1. Vort trailing further behind on GFS. Euro about to get schooled again
  2. Do yourself a favor and go to bed instead of looking at the GFS
  3. GFS has definitely shifted towards the Euro camp. All good signs. Trying not to get too worried being on the western side of this. Then again, I'm about as close to CTPs eastern limit as it gets.
  4. 3.6" in Gap. And the best part is that it's not going anywhere for a little while
  5. That's pretty wild that you guys could actually out jackpot the New England forum. Make it so!
  6. HRRR really nice for LSV! Transfer zone pretty clearly delineated
  7. Good luck, really hope the Central PA folks cash in. I'm mildly concerned in Gap, looking at radar out west and not expecting much from coastal, might get dicey. Good thing I have bourbon.
  8. Crazy. We have about 0.01" since Saturday and that has all fell in the last five minutes. Have been missing stuff in all directions for the last five days. Getting frustrating lol
  9. 12Z GFS was a huge step in the right direction. We'll see if the Euro follows suit.
  10. SPC has increased the forecasted CAPE for much of SE PA. Big swath of 3000+ possible over Chester County and surrounding areas.
  11. @Mount Joy SnowmanWhen I saw the OBS in the LNP this morning, I assumed the Mt. Joy one was you.
  12. SN+ in Gap. About 1.4" so far. 29.8, hit a high of 31.5 just before precip started.
  13. When I was a kid, my dad used to drive my telescope and I up to a big open field about a half mile past the lookout turnoff. On a clear winter night... Amazing.
  14. Hey now... As a 2001 AAHS grad... I resemble that remark!
  15. I like my location out in Gap no doubt.... Would love to be a little higher (only 480 feet in Gap) but looking at this as a bonus event.
  16. Glaze on the trees last evening. This was also the first time this winter I noticed the evening sun hitting the WNW facing side of my house again. Spring is coming.
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