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Central PA - Winter 2020/2021 Part 2

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9 minutes ago, Cashtown_Coop said:

Bubbler,  We need those heavy returns down by Winchester to push in.   Heavy snow for sure.    I measured 1.5” at 7am ob.    20 degrees with light snow currently 

Yes, get to the sleet line but not pass it.  2" an hour rates.   Surprised you are only at 1.5".  We are definitely at 3" now (ruler).   Not much wind.

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1 hour ago, Mshaffer526 said:

The mangled flakes are gone in Gap. Back to SN with fine flakes. 

You definitely are the one we need to listen to as you'll ping first in forum.  As long as you are reporting s of some variety....I'm happy.


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1 minute ago, paweather said:

That is awesome, I thought we may have a pretty good break. 

verbatim its a lot of back n forth w/ ridging and troughing in the east as lobes rotate around the conus.  No torch, and IMO it'll just be timing things right to get more bonus snow, because after today, I'm calling winter a big success for me (basing off of what we thought we'd have back in early Dec. 

Feels like winter.  I'm happy.

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Just now, paweather said:

Looks like per OBS in the MA forum MD is switching back and forth from snow to sleet to snow. I would assume based on rates. I hope we can maintain decent rates like I am now for a while. 

mod snow here in Etown.


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