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Central PA - Winter 2020/2021 Part 2

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3 minutes ago, CarlislePaWx said:

A review of the latest HRRR (16Z) says that approximately 2" more is yet to come for all of us.  However, it doesn't restart until about 6:00pm this evening and it's over with around 2:00am tomorrow.  If I can double my storm total from thus far, it'll be a minor victory.  Currently the temperature isn't going anywhere even though the skies did brighten considerably for a time 30 minutes ago.  They've darkened back up again now.  Temp is 25.2 degrees.

Its been modelled as a 2 part storm for a while.  I think because of the dryslot/lul, many are already calling bust, but like you...if I can get another 1-2" on top of the mornings 4", its well within the scope of my expectations.  After dinner tonight....weenies will back in here model/radar watchin to see what they can score......It's our crack.

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15 minutes ago, paweather said:

Yes that should be coming our way with the coastal. 

Radar seems to be done w/ lunch break and is firing back up.  I'd not expect widespread snows, but bands of light (as per meso's).  Whoever gets under them, looks to get 1-2" topper.  

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7 minutes ago, Superstorm said:

Mid levels torched so unless we get some decent lift it will be sleet and freezing rain.




Looks like a couple more hours till winds shift and coastal pops (small green blob), so yeah here is the taint part (unless some decent rates can cool column a bit.


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