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  1. My American flag got torn off of the pole. Bummer.
  2. Moving to state college mid-March from Hershey. Maybe climo will be on our side next year!
  3. If you watch the radar, looks like the SLP is screaming toward the coast.
  4. Erm, at least a few hours of frozen precip to go.
  5. I love digital snow as much as the next guy but…
  6. Same here. SN+ and 22F in Hershey/Hummelstown on the Swatty.
  7. Changeover has pushed an hour on the hourly forecast with TWC FWIW
  8. Snow/Sleet and up to 23F in Hershey/Hummelstown area (3 miles up the Swatty from MDT)
  9. TWC predicts a changeover here in Hershey around 10 pm tonight.
  10. Toss after Delmarva. I’ve never seen this track before. What would the analog be?
  11. I think it’s very optimistic about mixing/rain that is modeled in the LSV.
  12. I just don’t see a lot of merit to a dual-headed monster roaming up the coast. Seems to me that with these systems, the low strengthens and deepens off the coast. Can a met help me understand what Synoptics are at play here that would prevent the full transfer of energy and the intensification of a primary low?
  13. Ut oh guys. Moving from the greater Hershey area to State College after this winter. May be my last chance to feel the wrath of a Miller type A. [emoji54] Got winter tires on both the cars and the snowblower charged. Cmon Mother Nature! Time to do some reading to see what I’ve missed.
  14. This was winters last hurrah. Was a pleasure fellas.
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