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  1. Started in Waltham about an hour ago. Now snowing and slush on all surfaces.
  2. Evaporational cooling not a thing?
  3. I'm calling 5-5.5" total new snowfall so far in Waltham. Can't imagine much more than another inch without CCB assistance. NWS bust, unfortunately.
  4. watching the radar loop, looks like the LLL may set up just south of the cape.
  5. Extraordinarily wet snow right now in Waltham. No floaties, flakes plummeting like rainfall.
  6. I still want to believe that the howling coastal in the morning can happen... c'mon redevelopment!
  7. http://www.wcvb.com/weather/radar Future radar seems to suggest rotational development too late... snow tapers off for Eastern MA shortly after midnight. Any credence to this?
  8. Not sure where the transition is but I'm basically on top of I-95/128 in Waltham and it's paste here. Beautiful during the day, for sure. Worried about limbs/powerlines once the wind picks up in the AM, however. If the coastal truly performs, I am concerned about my drive northward to Burlington in the AM. Will be driving at about 5:30 AM.
  9. It is really snowing now vs an hour or two ago when I walked the dogs. Waltham 33F SN prob 1/4 mi vis or less. Estimating 2-3" new snow thus far.
  10. LOL expect somewhere between 1-50" of snow. Should verify.
  11. 15 mins or so until the precip shield gets here... gonna take the dogs for a walk at noon will try to snap some shots for UL
  12. Bueller? LOL. Just curious and taking a quick study break. Anesthesia ITE next weekend and this winter weather is a horrible distraction.
  13. Quick nowcast question: We have these coastal OES bands (weak) providing snow showers and an incoming shield of SWFE precip within 50 miles approaching from the west... Will there be a period of convergence that provides enhancement? At the very least, the OES bands have moistened (eww) the column and we should experience less virga, correct? ...this is the problem with have a little bit of knowledge LOL
  14. http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/SREF21PRSNE_9z/srefloop.html Most recent run looks a little more in-line with other guidance to my untrained eye.
  15. and back to snizzle. argh, gonna be a while before the shield of precip gets to us.