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  1. Holy surprise snow! [emoji3587] [emoji301]️
  2. Moving from Hershey to State College next month. When we visit family in Philipsburg, it’s shocking how much of a climate change it is. I grew up on the York/Adams border and had an idea, but it’s still shocking how different the weather is when you step out of the car.
  3. Like I said, freezing rain doesn’t verify here as a primary component of a storm. The valley allows it to happen, but we are too transient of an area climo-wise to allow the lower level cold air to stick around when strong WAA prevails.
  4. And the CTP screw zone tightens a bit further.
  5. Yeah when does ice without changeover verify for the LSV?
  6. OTS, too far inland, over and over again ad nauseum.
  7. I’m out for the season. My snow weenie has gone flaccid.
  8. Too Far East, too far west… where is our Goldilocks storm?
  9. I lived in Waltham 3 years. Used to watch my PA brethren miss on these. How the tables have turned.
  10. Done with LSV. Let’s hope State College is better next winter.
  11. Also want One to remember that my early call was 18 inches for MDT
  12. Driving through Harrisburg right now on 83 and experiencing moderate snow at 28°. If it wasn’t for heavy traffic there would be snow on the road. This was dictated
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