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  1. This was winters last hurrah. Was a pleasure fellas.
  2. Hey I did my internship at the hospital. Hollidaysburg was quaint!
  3. ... sleeting at the CVS in Hummelstown, picking up in intensity. 24 degrees.
  4. My old neck of the woods. Went to Dover High School.
  5. What happened guys? I worked the morning and missed the whole thing.
  6. Not sure temps dropped over the past 2 hrs here
  7. Light to moderate snow north of MDT. Temp down to 25 from 27 earlier.
  8. Not sure where to pile up all the virtual snow this morning. Let’s hope this gets going soon. Dry, overcast, 27 in Hershey/Hummelstown.
  9. MDT final call: 8.5” snow/sleet 1.1 qpf total
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