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  1. Other than some minor street flooding not enough has fallen to create floods or flash floods. Unless the radar changes it looks like the heavy stuff has passed east and only light rain remains. Total up to 0.85". Had 0.35" yesterday for 2-day total of 1.20". Temp down to a much more pleasant 69 degrees. Much better than the 92.5 degrees earlier.
  2. After quite a lull I'm back in the torrent again...up to 0.66". >>Edit...0.71" now.
  3. Same here...had wind at the beginning but no wind past 10 minutes. Momentary let up with the dump even though current radar has me in deep orange/red. 0.52"
  4. The torrent arrived about 15 minutes ago and I'm up to 0.50" and rising rapidly.
  5. Enjoying is the last word I would think of. Besides I'm now up to 88 and my new heat index is 100!
  6. Yep...dew points in the upper 70's once again. I'm 85/78 with HI of 95. Yuck!
  7. In answer to your comment a little further back...yes, I did get in to some thundershowers. It rained heavily for a short time (maybe 10 minutes). All tolled 0.37" in the bucket today with 0.02" yesterday and 0.20" on Wednesday. Six tenths of an inch isn't much but I'll take whatever I can get. Looks like you and I are on track for perhaps an inch or more tomorrow. Can't wait! My low yesterday (Friday) was 67.6 and the high was 93.2. The dews were back up around 75 a good chunk of the day which made it really uncomfortable to be out, especially in the sun. Thankfully, I don't have to be out in the sun if I don't want to be. One of the perks of retirement.
  8. Well one good piece of news on the comfort front for today is the dew points. Near 80 degrees yesterday afternoon, it looks like they'll be about 10 degrees lower today. Who would think that a 70-degree dew point could feel "comfortable"?...lol. The sun has been in and out of clouds over me this morning. Current temp is 82 and the dew point is 69.
  9. Ugggghhh! My dew point just hit 79 degrees! That's about as high as it can ever get around here. "Luckily" my temp is only 87 degrees with humidity at 76% so the heat index is only 101.
  10. Current radar says the sun should be shining here in about another 15-20 minutes. Storm total 0.01"...lol.
  11. Gee, after reading through over 120 posts in which I skipped over the sports posts, I can say that what I saw 30 minutes ago was the rapidly intensifying thunderstorms that barely gave me 0.01" dumping on Harrisburg just like last night. Amazing!
  12. It's interesting this season I have seen multiple times that whatever passes through my area and heads towards Harrisburg has a dramatic increase in intensity. It's doing the same thing right now.
  13. I did avoid anything approaching severe. I've had several episodes of lightning and thunder, nothing out of the ordinary though. Briefly very heavy rain but then back to moderate. Picked up 0.15" of new precip with this part and 0.22" total since midnight.
  14. Wow. I'll take the 2.25"+ its dishing out. As others have posted the dew points have reached their highest level of the season with 75-77 degrees not uncommon. I'm at 85/74. Got 0.07" just before sunrise this morning. The radar looks very interesting with a line of narrow but intense rainfall all the way from m/d line up to ny state line. Many times I have seen this develop out in western PA and right as it reaches me it breaks apart leaving me with just a moderate shower. Time will telll with this one in a few more hours.
  15. I didn't, but all my windows were closed and I had my headphones on between 9pm and midnight.
  16. I've got both types! I've got my weather station tipping bucket to have an error rate of less than 3%. On Thursday my Clear-Vue gauge measured 1.31" while my tipping bucket measured 1.34". As for yesterday's precip I received only a trace so the see-saw continues. Month-to-date I have 2.07". It was already feeling great by 11pm last night when my temp was 74 and dew point had dropped to 63 with a nice breeze. After spending most of the day with dew points in the low to mid 70's a drop to the mid 60's felt wonderful. Right now my dp is 62. Low this morning was 62.2.
  17. Good morning all. Reading your reports for those of us along the I-81 corridor in Cumberland/Dauphin counties, they jive with my storm total of 1.31". Cheer up @Mount Joy Snowman. Last month I was missing out on almost every precip event. I had commented how everyone North/South/East/West of me seemed to be getting hit while I remained totally dry. Eventually it all begins to even out. What is your annual precip total thus far? Mine (after yesterday) is 19.27". Using MDT's annual average of around 41" that puts me only about 1.5" behind for the year-to-date.
  18. Intensity dropping back a bit now to moderate to heavy after delivering a nice 1.10". It looks like more is coming up from the south but the line looks a bit more broken. Congrats to all the 1"+ winners. (I'm sorry @Bubbler86 maybe more to come for you yet?)
  19. Here's hoping. Now up to 0.72" with very heavy rain.
  20. The goods are upon me. Had a heavy but short initial thunderstorm that gave me 0.26". Then a break and the sun came out for 5 minutes. Then really dark clouds arrived and now it's pouring again with wind. I'm under an active Severe Thunderstorm Warning so we'll see what happens next.
  21. Hi all...I'm back! No more perpetual daylight for me after not seeing darkness for 12 days. For those of you who replied to my Alaska post, thank you! I now have a much better familiarity of quite a few of the major towns/destinations, so I knew where you were talking about. The rest of my trip was equally fantastic. The trip from Anchorage to Denali on the Alaska Railroad was absolutely breathtaking. I love riding the train so this 7-hour excursion was full of adventure. It was very comfortable as well as we were in a dome-top car with views in all directions including up. We finished our trip on the railroad on Sunday back to Fairbanks. I'll be back later to wrap up my trip experiences. It's been sunny all day here with just some haze. Reached my high of the day of 95.2 about an hour ago. Dew Points have been absolutely ugly between 73 and 75 degrees giving me heat index values between 103 and 108 degrees. Yuck! As I finish writing this a little after 5pm it is still 93.4 with a dew point of 73 and a HI of 102! I enjoyed dew points that never were higher than the low 50's my entire trip with several days down in the 30's and humidities in the 20%'s. Walking out the doors of the MDT terminal yesterday afternoon was rather painful. The temp inside my parked car was easily 140 degrees. Took 5 minutes of opening up everything and running the A/C before we could get in the car without getting burned. We have leather seats in our Escape. I wish Elsa's moisture could have reached us directly but I'm hoping for some decent rains between tomorrow and Friday. See you all later.
  22. Hello all from beautiful Anchorage, Alaska! It's been a wonderful adventure this past 7 days with 5 more yet to go. Started in Fairbanks then flew to Anchorage. Did an incredible 5 hour boat tour of Prince William Sound region around Whittier. Saw a bunch of glaciers and caught some ice breaking off the front of a glacier and crashing into the water making a huge crashing sound. We head off to Denali tomorrow via the Alaska railroad. A 7-hour scenic train ride to get us there. All I can say is Alaska is amazing. I've never seen such natural beauty. There's still plenty of snow on many of the higher peaks so I can enjoy seeing winter even though it's summer. The sunsets around midnight and rises at 4:30 here in Anchorage. Amazing to watch the sun set at 11:30pm. Temps have been mainly in the 60's by day with low humidity (of course) and low 50's at night. Anyway, I've been having an impossible time keeping up with the 100 new posts every 24 hours. This is more prolific than in winter. My station recorded a high temp of 97.5 degrees for the highest of the season so far. I also picked up 0.47" of rain which sent the temp crashing down to 71 degrees in about an hour. That's my weather update remotely accessed from Alaska. Have a good night!
  23. It was feeling very fall-like late this afternoon on this second day of summer. Temps in the mid 60's with a breeze felt rather cool after the 93 degree high temp yesterday. Finally got more than 0.01" of rain with a nice 0.53" earlier today. Was wonderful watching the rain fall as the temperature kept slowly dropping all the way down to 61 before the rain ended and temps rebounded into the upper 60's. At 10:30pm it's 54.7 degrees with a dew point of 48. Should easily see 40's overnight. Yay!
  24. What??? I'm just checking in for the first time today (it's 12:45am Friday) and just saw your message. Well the way the models have all blown the high amounts of rain anywhere in our area means I'll believe it when I see it. It's actually quite pleasant out there tonight. I took my dog out around 10:30 and immediately felt the drier air with a gentle breeze. Sure enough when I came back in and checked my station it had a temp of 73 and a dew point of 59! There have been sprinkles on and off so far. Has evaporatively cooled down to 67 with a dew point of 57. I'm willing to bet that if we stay cloudy all day Friday and it rains the temps will hold in the low 60's. I wouldn't mind getting 5" of rain as it would fill up the reserves and turn everything green again. It's been quite dry here since the start of the month with only 0.58" total qpf so far. I don't have to worry about flooding as I have a huge retention basin right beside me that would have to fill up to like 10 feet before there'd be any issues. Not worried at all.
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