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  1. A portion of the heavy rain passed over me, but I think those east of me will get more since it was a rapidly developing storm that came out of nowhere. Rain has ended. Thunder continues. Total precip was 0.44". Currently the temperature has bottomed out at 70.9 degrees, an amazing drop of 25.5 degrees in less than 30 minutes. Impressive.
  2. I'm getting a thumderstorm now have have heavy rain, lightning, and thunder. Up to 0.26" in the past 10 minutes. Before the sun went behind the clouds from this storm I had my highest temp of the month & year at 96.4. The dew point was 76 and my heat index was 112 ! So much for no advisories or warnings. Boy it's pouring out there now. Temp has dropped over 20 degrees, down to 74. Precip 0.37" with more to come.
  3. Why is there no heat advisory issued?? Today is easily going to be worse than last week's 3-days in the mid nineties. At 10:00am I'm up to 86 with a dew point of 75 and a heat index of 94. All we need is a heat index of 100-105 for 3 hours. Maybe they think the dew points will drop back into the 60's this afternoon as the hottest temperatures begin?
  4. I remember June of 1966. I was anxiously waiting for the end of first grade. Of course there was no air conditioning. My teacher just turned off the lights and had us all lay our heads down on our desks. Really brutal heat for a good chunk of that summer. (This is in northern NJ but I'm sure it was the same out here too.)
  5. Ahhh....Green Acres. A great comedy from the (late) 60s. Remember Ahh-lee-ver?
  6. Here are my highs the past 3 days... Fri: 95.9 Sat: 95.4 Sun: 95.7 Talk about consistency. So my highest of the year remains 95.9 degrees and it doesn't look like we'll be challenging that any time soon.
  7. Yesterday was my hottest of the season with a high of 95.9 degrees. The dew point was lower yesterday, running in the mid 60's. Currently it's 95.4 and still climbing. My highs typically occur late afternoon around 5:00, so I think i'm likely to break yesterday's max. Today the dew point is in the low 70s. That's creating a heat index that has been running between 100 and 103 for the past several hours.
  8. Managed to muster up 0.30" of rain (now yesterday). Had sort of a wimpy thunderstorm with some wind ahead of the arrival and a short period of heavy rain. Not impressive at all. However, every little bit of rain is helpful. High was 90.1.
  9. 54.9 degrees for my low earlier this morning. The dew points in the 50's yesterday and today have been incredible. It doesn't get much better than this for early July! At 12:00 noon the temp is only just hitting 82 degrees. And, as others have already said, Happy Independence Day to all!
  10. Wonderful low of 53.6 this morning. Approaching 11:00am it's only back up to 71.4. Dew point 52. Another glorious day.
  11. 0.93" for today. Rained heavily for a while, but not as quickly as others have reported. High made it up to 88.
  12. I'm right there with you with my temp at 88.9. Interestingly the dew point has been dropping slowly and is now down to 64. So, heat index virtually the same as the temp.
  13. Here's a good example of the flood watch. Pretty much the central third from NY border to M/D line (and beyond into northern Virginia).
  14. Temp up to 75.6 as the sun emerged from the overcast about 30 minutes ago. I have a Flood Watch out for me until 11:00pm. Haven't looked at anything yet. It's been a pretty dry June so far with only 1.24" for the first 3/4ths. That's the polar opposite of last month with 6.78". Grass is still green here and growing.
  15. 90.9 for my high. Temp down to 80 on the way down to 60 by morning. Dew point in the last 12 hours has dropped from a morning high of 73, now down to a wonderful 53! Love it. Might have a shot at upper 40's either Sunday or Monday morning. Very refreshing indeed. Meanwhile...18z GFS develops a hurricane north of Cuba and runs it northwest through the east-central gulf coming ashore around the western panhandle of Florida with a pressure of 971 millibars, 2 weeks from today. I have to go find how what that pressure is on the saffir simpson scale. It has to be a major hurricane. Guessing between a 3 and 4. Edit>>Whoops. 971 is a Cat 2, so not even a major.
  16. I don't know about cooler, but the drier air has begun to filter in here. A few hours ago the dew point was 73. Now it's down to 66 and going down fairly fast. Temp holding at 87.3.
  17. I believe it's hail of 0.75" or greater to be a severe thunderstorm (with or without the wind gusts).
  18. Literally the western edge of the storm passed over me, but while my lightning detector has been going off like crazy...3500+ strikes in the past hour, it didn't stay over me long enough to even produce a sprinkle. This morning I had my warmest overnight low for the season-to-date at 72.1 degrees. High temp this afternoon of 84.2. Looks like some fantastic weather on tap for this weekend. Low 70's with dew points in the 40s, sunshine, with a bit of wind. But it doesn't get much better than this for early summer.
  19. Another tornado watch until 11:00pm. This is like the third one this season. Mostly cloudy and 82 here at the moment.
  20. Wow! I had 0.30" since midnight with 0.10" yesterday. For the month I'm only at 1.24" and for the YEAR I am 18.23".!!
  21. I don't think I've ever seen a low pressure (in June!) that looks like a clipper come down from the northwest and slice through PA while central pressures drop to the low 990's. It looks so weird. Another thing I haven't seen (though I'm sure it's happened before) are such widespread temps over 100 in so many states. It looks like all of Georgia is over 100 degrees at 2:00pm Tuesday. Absolutely crazy...lol. BTW, I've had a trace of rain here since midnight. Over the last 3 days I've only had just under 0.25". Low this morning was 56, currently 65 with the sun trying hard to make an appearance, yet still overcast.
  22. @Bubbler86, @canderson, @TheDreamTraveler... Thank you for your comments & well-wishes. I can definitely attest to the bitter taste the Paxlovid leaves in your mouth when you aren't eating or drinking something. Very yuck. After 3 days on it, it does seem to have stopped the progression of the virus. Did I mention that my wife became positive yesterday? She's on the med now also and confirms the bitter taste. She's doing quite a bit better than me...enough that she was able to work today. I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis now. I get it whenever I have a bad cold. I have to be careful because it can progress to pneumonia. So far things seem to have stabilized. Perhaps I'm nearing the peak. As far as weather, today was my warmest day of the year so far with a high of 93.6 degrees. At least dew points remained in the mid 60's which kept the heat index down close to the air temp. Looks like relief is just a few days away. Only 90 days to the start of met fall !!
  23. 90.9 degrees for my high today. Yesterday's high was 82.0. Low this morning was 53.4. May has easily been the wettest month of 2022 so far, with 6.78". More than half of that fell in that 2-day deluge earlier in the month. My annual precip to date is 16.99", which is pretty close to average for the first 5 months of the year. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, I am not. Yesterday I tested positive for Covid and today my wife did as well. My doctor gave me a new Pfizer med called Paxlovid. It's a 5-day course that is supposed to stop the progression of the virus in those who are at risk. I meet the criteria for age, plus I have asthma and chronic bronchitis. Has anyone else here been treated with Paxlovid? I'm curious as to how effective it seemed to be.
  24. Yes, it literally formed right over me. Picked up 0.15". Almost no wind. It's done now and the sun is out. lol
  25. Hi guys. Just checking in with my storm stats... Rainfall yesterday was 2.48" Rainfall since midnight was 1.09" Storm total so far = 3.57" Will this event be another 4"+? We had one such event last year.
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