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  1. A very frosty 17.2 degrees this morning. Already back up to 35 at 10:30.
  2. After a frosty low of 23.2 this morning, my afternoon high was a very pleasant 58.8 degrees. That's a 35.6 degree diurnal. Low dew points helped in both the cooling and the warming process. It was just nice to have the sun feel warm.
  3. At 2:00pm it's a glorious 52.9 degrees with clear skies and winds of 5-10mph. Humidity very dry at 27% and a dew point of 19.8 degrees. Feels great after a low this morning of 19.9 degrees.
  4. A mid-winter-like low of 14.7 degrees early this morning. Normal low for today is 31 and the normal high is 51. At noon I've warmed back up to 38 on my way to 44. This morning really was pretty unusual for how low we went so early. I can remember plenty of years where the first sub-20 low didn't occur until well into December. I'm not upset by the appearance of a period of moderation later this week into next week. I still want to enjoy fall for a few more weeks before winter makes its appearance.
  5. My total QPF for the event was 0.64". Approximately 1" of snow accumulated although it definitely was a little more on the grass...closer to 1.5". The rest was a combination of sleet and rain. My temp dropped to 32.4 during the heavy snow and remained at 32.5 for the rest of the event. It only began to rise a little after the precip stopped.
  6. After more than one glorious hour of heavy snow with a temp of 32.4 degrees I have recorded an average of 1.0" of wet snow. It was coming down pretty good until 15 minutes ago when it appeared to suddenly stop. I think it might changed to a very light rain. I'm not hearing any pinging, so no sleet. Based on what is being reported to my southwest by @Cashtown_Coopand @Bubbler86, it might be changing to rain for good. It would be great if the rain isn't enough to wash the snow away and there is some white to wake up to tomorrow morning. That one hour of heavy snow was really enjoyable, and of course a surprise as well. Temp now back up to 32.5.
  7. Wow! Over the last 15 minutes the snow has increased to moderate to almost heavy with bigger flakes. Everything is turning white including the sidewalks/street. Since it's wet all the trees are also turning white. Temp pushed down even lower to 32.7. Might just make it officially to 32.0.
  8. About 20 minutes ago the precip switched over to all snow. Since that time mulch is more than 75% white with some white appearing on the grass. It's between light and moderate, so we'll see where we go from here. The heavier precip has dropped the temperature and it is now down to 33.1 which is plenty cold for accumulations everywhere at night. Happy to hear that areas that didn't think they would see a flake have indeed been treated to white rain. Enjoy the next few hours at least. I'm hoping the NWS changeover to rain forecast to take place before 10:00pm is delayed and pure rain is minimized. It could happen.
  9. I've had the variety of light precip types since it began around 2:00. Other than a very short burst of flakes near the beginning, a period of steady snow arrived around 4:00. Lasted less than 10 minutes but while falling immediately started turning my mulch white. Temp continues to slowly fall from 37 back at 2:00 to the present 34.3. Even if it stays between 33 and 34 that's cold enough at night for accumulations on the streets.
  10. Temp now up to 32.9 after an overnight low of 22.6 degrees, which was the coldest low of the season thus far. Currently, at 9:15 skies are overcast with the sun dimly visible. I know I'm not going to get the snowfall that the models have been advertising around here, but all the models posted here have the 5" mark over me with some freezing rain just to my west. Maybe this first one overperforms?
  11. Man, all 3 model runs from 18z gave Cumberland county 5". Maybe hoping for 2" might work out. If it covers the grass it's a good storm. I'm down to 24.8 and still slowly dropping under crystal-clear skies. This is my lowest temp for the season thus far. The whole night below freezing will help pavement accumulations, but probably not anything that falls before 4:00pm.
  12. It's been totally overcast here all day so far. That has kept the temp to just 41 degrees as of 3:00pm. Low this morning was 35.2 so a pretty small diurnal for the day (roughly six degrees). I'm just starting to see a few blue breaks appearing, so perhaps the high will climb a little further. Those weekend temps sure look cold. Highs in the mid 30's with lows around 20. That's just about the normal high and low for mid-January, the coldest average temps of the year.
  13. Hey we still have 19 hours until the start of the WWA. Maybe a smidge more cold can be pushed across the river your way?
  14. Pretty amazing to go to this from the total nothing in this morning's forecast. I'm not going to complain. It would be great to start off the season with 1-2"...but I'll take whatever mother nature decides to dish out.
  15. Aleet! Aleet! Aleet! URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service State College PA 237 PM EST Mon Nov 14 2022 PAZ036-056-063-064-150745- /O.NEW.KCTP.WW.Y.0020.221115T1800Z-221116T0300Z/ Franklin-Perry-Cumberland-Adams- Including the cities of Chambersburg, Newport, Carlisle, and Gettysburg 237 PM EST Mon Nov 14 2022 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 1 PM TO 10 PM EST TUESDAY... * WHAT...Mixed precipitation expected. Total snow accumulations of a coating to two inches and ice accumulations of a light glaze. * WHERE...Franklin, Perry, Cumberland and Adams Counties. * WHEN...From 1 PM to 10 PM EST Tuesday. * IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the Tuesday evening commute. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...The larger snow totals of 1-2 inches will mostly occur in the higher terrain. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission remind motorists to adjust speeds based on driving conditions as winter weather impacts Pennsylvania roadways. Call 5 1 1 or visit www.511pa.com for the latest travel, roadway and traffic conditions. To report snow or ice, post to the NWS State College Facebook page, use Twitter @NWSStateCollege, or visit weather.gov/ctp. &&
  16. Wow! Here's the Pivotal map for the entire 18z run. Looks like 1-2" around MDT from the late Tuesday event. Then a big lull of about 10 days, then the whopper storm comes through and lasts 36 hours. Haha. This was Kuchera, which shows higher amounts than 10:1 for the big storm. So, without even looking at temps I know they have to be in the 20s. Fun to think about. The big day is Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. That would certainly mess up a lot of travelers' plans.
  17. Moderate to heavy rain continues here with no breaks or brightening to be had. Approaching 1.00" mark quickly now at 0.95" Temp is a relatively cooler 59.2 degrees.
  18. I was living in northern NJ. It Looks like if you extrapolate out the accumulation forecast map up into NJ my guess could be close. I was actually outside, shoveling the snow, when the thundersnow hit. To have all that on 11/11 was amazing. But didn't we have around here a significant snowstorm in early November back in 2018? I think 10" from that plus it totally took NWS by surprise, creating horrific conditions on the local highways.
  19. When you say very cold during that storm do you mean temps around 20 degrees? If so, I do remember it. Oddly enough, I think I also remember experiencing thundersnow during the storm. I can't remember accumulations but maybe 6-8"?
  20. After 2.5" from Mon & Tue, it's pouring right now with another 0.5" added on, so 3" the past 3 days. Looks like more to come, especially since NWS extended the flood advisory from 10am to 4pm.
  21. 0.41" here so far, with very light rain in progress. I wonder how much we'll have by the end of tomorrow? I remember Lee. He dumped the greatest 24-hour rainfall I had ever measured with a little over 10". At that point my basement flooded and took out quite a few storage boxes we kept there. About 50 days later I recorded 6" of wet snow on 10/29. That was a fun one to watch, being a Saturday.
  22. Finally got clobbered with a hefty thunderstorm with winds up to 30mph and torrential rain which accumulated 1.10" ! But after tonight that's it for any shot at precip for the next 7 days. Actually, it looks like an extended stretch of beautiful late-summer early-fall weather on tap to welcome in September. High today was 89.4. The thunderstorm worked it evaporative magic and dropped the temp pretty quickly 20 degrees, down to 69.3.
  23. 90.5 high for today. Yesterday was 92.0. The forecast originally had today as the hotter of the two days...not that 1.5 degrees makes that much of a difference. Does anyone know what's going on with the grid forecasts at NWS? They've been missing since the beginning of the week, replaced by the county-wide forecasts? I tried searching and found nothing as to the reason. It looks like we will reach into the lower 90's several more times between tomorrow and Wednesday...then wonderful relief arrives just in time for the start of met fall! Can't wait. PS>>Only received 0.01" from that 1:00am thunderstorm. That brings my monthly total to 1.49". Dry!
  24. 88 for me yesterday, but the dew points were low to mid 60s which made it more bearable. Low this morning 60.8. Normal low for today is 59.5. Only about 1 degree above normal for the low. Yesterday the normal high temperature was 83.1, 5 degrees above normal. Only 7 days (including today) left for the month and my rainfall has only been 1.48". Looks like it's going to stay there for at least the next few days. Only 7 days to go for the start of met fall. The next 3 months are by far my favorites for the entire year. Yes, even more than winter. Advancing age will do that to you...lol.
  25. 0.04" overnight here. 0.08" yesterday. Another dry month, just like July, with a total of 1.48". Year-to-date is 23.72". I think YTD is not that far from normal YTD.
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