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  1. At 8:40pm my temperature has only very slowly dropped to 75 degrees. The dewpoint is 68 degrees. High today was right when I made my earlier post back around 2:00pm which was 83.5 degrees. It looks like we're all going to go into shock when temps drop into the 40s tomorrow night with winds gusting to 25mph and wind chills are in the 30s. Sunday is pretty cold around here with highs only around 60 but with winds gusting to 25mph again. The A/C is on right now. I hear it humming outside. But it l most likely will need to turn the heat back on, if not Sunday morning then Monday morning almost for sure. I just wish the weather would be normal and we could enjoy the slow progression of temps downward. Other than 1 lonely sugar maple in my development which is nearly completely red leafed there are almost no other trees showing signs of fall. Maybe by Halloween the color peaks?
  2. Wow! Temp with full sunshine is up to 83 degrees with an unbelievable dew point of 72 and heat index of 88! Please let this end soon. About to turn the A/C back on as it is up to 75.
  3. I mentioned back on Tuesday that my low temp had remained at or above 64.0 degrees for two straight days. Well, incredibly, that streak has continued another two more days and we will break 100 hours above 64.0 in a few hours. My low this morning was 64.0. I can't ever remember it staying this warm at night for this many days in a row. Crazy!
  4. Why, thank you for thinking of me. That bolded day is literally the day I was born! My mother used to tell me about how warm it had been in the days leading up to my birth. She went to the hospital not even wearing a light jacket.
  5. Pretty unusual temps both yesterday morning and again this morning. The spread between daily high and daily low was less than 2 degrees until around 9:30am yesterday morning with the low of 64.8 and the high of 66.0. Then again this morning at 10:50am the current temp is 65.3. So far today the high since midnight has been 65.8 and the low 64.0. That spread is very unusual for this time of the year. Today is more dramatic with this spread of 1.8 degrees still ongoing near 11:00am. The morning lows of 64 for 2 consecutive days in a row is pretty amazing. Finally, I've remained at or above 64.0 degrees continuously since Sunday morning around 10:00am which is now 49 hours in duration and will likely continue until at least tonight I would think.
  6. 83.3 my high for today. After running the heat the past 3 mornings I had to switch back to A/C this afternoon as the heat index hit 88. Yuck! I was soooo enjoying the past 3 mornings. Hopefully that returns soon. >>PS...Unlike some of you around here I have absolutely no problem switching between A/C and heat at any time of the year...or in the case today...within the same day.
  7. This is the Ambient 2902-C. It is actually the fourth iteration (generation) of the 2902. I own a first-gen 2902. Then came versions A, B, and finally C. All four versions use the same remote boom assembly. I'm not aware of any hardware changes Ambient made. There were firmware updates that came out that addressed minor issues with the console. The console's display layout remained the same for the first 3 generations. Version C has the totally rearranged new layout. I like it because they enlarged the wind display and put it in the upper left corner making it easier to see. One significant change was made with the model B when they introduced the ability to have the console receive the transmissions from up to 7 additional thermo/hygro sensors. The local console was unable to display that data from sensors 2>8. Instead the console, after receiving the wireless transmissions from the extra sensors, would upload those values to Ambient's weather servers (in real time, every 60 seconds) where you could view/access them through either your web browser or through a phone app. The extra sensors are very inexpensive and range in price between $10 to $15 apiece depending on quantity purchased. There are lots of things you can do with the extra sensors, like monitoring temp/humidity in any number of indoor locations. A few great locations are basements and attics. Then you could follow those readings in real time, remotely anywhere over any internet-connected device. I don't believe the local console gives any indication that it is receiving the additional sensor transmissions. Instead you will find out when you access your data from Ambient.Net. The mobile phone in the picture above is running the ambient weather app. One of the best features of this weather station is its ability to let you change the calibration of all the major data items which includes indoor and outdoor temp and humidity; barometer; wind direction and speed; rainfall. I'm not sure if the calibration can be changed on the supplemental thermo/hygro sensors 2>8. I strongly recommend this weather station as it is among the least expensive on the market and has remarkable accuracy across all parameters. @paweather...each of you would have the same model outdoor boom assembly. The difference is that @Voyager has the WS-2000 which has the exact same boom assembly, but an upgraded color LED display. With the WS-2000 I believe that display is capable of showing sensors 2>8 if you have them connected. I'm not certain about this so definitely check with Ambient customer service to confirm. @ItstrainingtimeForgive me, but I need to correct you on the temperature placement issue you mention. You actually want to do the exact opposite. The boom assembly is made specifically to be placed in full sun with minimal to no shade during the course of the day. The temperature/humidity sensor is housed in a multi-plated plastic enclosure called a radiation shield. If you want to follow NWS guidelines and take measurements exactly the same way that they do, you need full sun exposure. The ASOS stations are set up the same way, and so are the sensors in units all around the globe that adhere to the guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization. The NWS temperature and dew point sensors are all housed in the same type of radiation shield and are placed to receive 100% full sun for each day and never any shade. Furthermore, for the most accurate temp/humidity readings the boom assembly should be mounted exactly 2 meters above the ground. I understand the dilemma of the reduced wind readings because of how close to the ground the sensors are placed. The shield eliminates the warming effects of solar radiation while still allowing air to passively move through the shield, producing a reading that technically is in the shade while also in the sun at the same time. By placing your sensors in the shade you set yourself up for under-recording the maximum temperature every day. This is especially true on sunny days with little to no wind. The radiative effects are naturally minimized on days with sustained winds of >10 mph (approx). Finally, the UV and solar radiation measurements from the boom assembly are only accurate when the sun is shining on it. If you place your boom in the shade you will never have accurate UV and solar radiation readings during the daytime. @Bubbler86 >>See immediate post above<< ***please don't if you're a stickler for data accuracy. Temperature accuracy is more important than wind...imho.*** >>you've got it partly right<< My comments are not meant to be judgmental in any way. You can do whatever you want with your weather stations. I share this information only to help improve your station's data accuracy!
  8. Matched your low perfectly here with 44.8 degrees at 5:18am. Fall has arrived!
  9. Well it's just ending here now. Impressive totals and in perfect alignment with the NWS forecasted amounts of 3-5". I've had 3.28" since midnight along with 0.49" yesterday for a 2-day event total of 3.77". That brings my September total to 9.09" and year-to-date total of 35.37". I'm ready for the beautiful fall weather to make its appearance later today.
  10. After about 3 hours of nothing the rain has begun again. It's been on and off all day here. I'm up to 0.47" for the total so far. Should be a very interesting next 12 hours. I can't wait for the gorgeous fall weather that is coming this weekend. Highs around 72 and lows around 48 are almost perfect.
  11. Autumn is in the air. Temp 55.8 shortly before midnight with totally clear skies and calm winds. Forecast low is 53 which seems likely with 7 more hours of no sun. Maybe 50 here overnight?
  12. Rainfall up to 0.20" already with heavy rain. Nothing extreme. Temp down to 69.4.
  13. Hearing thunder now as a more solid line of thunderstorms move northeast and are now about 5 miles away. Getting progressively darker. Temp down from a high of 89.6 (so rounded up I hit 90, likely the last time for that until next spring...yay! Temp has dropped back down to 74.8 with dew point of 66.
  14. Just hit the 4.00" mark as the back end progresses towards me. It has been breezy for sure and the temp is holding at 63.7 so it's kind of chilly/raw out. Carlisle was under a flood warning earlier. Not sure if it was just local roads. There are a few low lying roads that almost always flood over with any amount of heavy rain. Not sure I have enough intact records to go back in time to the last date I received 4 or more inches in a day. I don't recall having a day like this at all last year. Maybe others can chime in if they have any info on that.
  15. I made a boo-boo with the pressure conversion. I was 29.59" but that is 1002mb. I've just had a sudden jump back up to 29.62"
  16. Just reached 3.04" as the heavy rain continues. The rate is no where near this morning's torrent, but it's still adding up. One other thing I wanted to mention was that back on Sunday when the models were showing Ida's circulation reaching us, the model said it would be at a pressure of about 1003 to 1005 millibars. Well, the circulation hasn't reached us yet, however, my pressure is now down to 29.59" (998 mb). So it's interesting to note that Ida is stronger now than what had been projected a few days ago. Temp continues to drop very slowly, now down to 65.5 degrees.
  17. 1.10" in the gauge so far. Incredible torrent back around 7:30 which delivered around 0.75" in about 20 minutes. Interestingly, right now the radar is lit up with orange and yellow north of here up in true central areas. Will that shift south during the day? We'll see. Oh, btw, so far there have been zero recorded lightning strikes for the entire event.
  18. 0Z 3k has shifted the max bullseye about 20 miles east. Looks like Dillsburg is ground zero now with 11.68". Meanwhile I hit the casino slots with 7.77". I'm glad Canderson brought up the wind action. The low is still progged to be around 1003 at its closest approach. NHC shows that peak winds at each forecast point do not drop below 30mph and in fact slowly begin to go back up as the low passes to our east. I do think that wind will play a part in exacerbating the rainfall by uprooting trees that are in soaked ground.
  19. 18z 3k NAM has Perry & Cumberland counties as the bullseye for 10"+. The last one like this was with Lee as has been mentioned numerous times already. I don't have my specific record but I know it was close to 10" in less than 24 hours because it flooded the basement of the house we were renting and where most of our packed belongings were stored. Cardboard boxes don't do well in standing water.
  20. Did you happen to hear that today is the 16th anniversary of Katrina hitting New Orleans? Amazing...8/29/05 Katrina ravages NO. If it still is a depression we could see sustained 25+mph winds here Wednesday along with the torrential rain. I certainly hope the icon's 11" for MDT does not materialize. Even 6-8" is going to create some havoc around here.
  21. Wow...dead smack in the max precip bullseye. Will have to get ready for it.
  22. 5:00pm it's 90.5, which is the high of the day (so far), with heat index of 97 and dp of 72. So, day 2 of 90+ with at least 3 more to go.
  23. Hit 91.9 yesterday with a max heat index of 98 as dew points held in the low 70's. Currently 88.3 but heat index a little lower at 92 with a dew point of 70. NWS says my max temps will be over 90 every day this week until Saturday. That's a pretty long stretch of 90's getting this late in the season. All I know is that a week from today the normal high will be 80 and on its way down! Actually normal low should be down around 57. That sounds nice.
  24. Hi Guys...just a quick update to say that I've recorded only 0.15" of rain so far today. The radar looks interesting with our precip rotating down toward us from the northeast. Clearly we are no where near the western edge of Henri's circulation but I guess it must be that upper trough interacting with Henri to enhance the precip over us?
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