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  1. You're welcome! For me the coldest temperature I ever had at my home in NJ (until 2000) was -8 which happened twice. Possibly the first time might have been 1983. I think what I remember about Christmas day 1983 is that the wind chills (which were still calculated on the old, original scale and were overdone with temps below zero), on my Heathkit 4001 showed wind chills below -50F multiple times that morning as the winds were easily gusting in to the 30s. On that day my high temperature was only +4F, the coldest daily maximum I've ever lived through. The coldest temperature I've ever experienced outdoors anywhere was -17F up in Haverhill, New Hampshire visiting a weather friend. There was no wind with that temp, thankfully.
  2. I'm not so sure about that. If he was, I don't remember hearing about that. When I think of the potential candidates for winter and summer storms at The Weather Channel I think of John Hope for hurricanes and Paul Kocin for winter.
  3. MDT's coldest temperature ever recorded in its history going back to 1888 was -22F on Jan 21, 1994. Many locations in northern NJ saw temps of -25 to -30 with -32F degrees recorded from Hainesville, in Sussex County, the coldest temp in the state on that day. I remember the day so well because my business partner and I were visiting the Weather Channel on that very day to discuss providing them access to our private meso-net that we founded during the early to mid 90's throughout NJ. My station in Morris County only dropped to -8F but my partner's in Sparta (again Sussex County, northwestern most county in the state) dropped to -28F. And, as excited as we were to spend the entire day there, we both were bummed that we were missing out on personally witnessing some of the coldest readings ever recorded in NJ climate history. I'm pretty sure the all-time coldest minimum temp ever recorded was from Passaic or Bergen County with -36F in 1934. Meanwhile, at TWC headquarters, located in Smyrna, a northern suburb of Atlanta, I shot video throughout the day there. Any of you aged mid 40s and older (now), probably remembers some of the all-time favorites from the best years in their history (in my opinion) which ran from around 1985 to 2000. I spent several hours with Jim Cantore as he showed us around the studios and their weather center. He was rather young back in 1994 and had a full head of hair! Others in my video included Declan Cannon, RIch Johnson, Dennis Smith, Vivian Brown, Jeanetta Jones, Coleen Wine, Mark Mancuso and several other greats whose names escape me at the moment. Their lead forecaster at that time was Stu Ostro who started with them from day 1 back in August of 1982 and was still with them as recently as a few years ago. I could go on and on but my post is already a bit long. I just enjoy reminiscing about weather extremes from the past.
  4. I never saw it go completely over to snow before I went to bed at 1:00. And, when I woke up this morning around 8:30 there wasn't a flake of evidence anywhere on the ground, sidewalk, or mulch. Instead, I recorded 0.02" of rain before midnight and 0.19" of rain since midnight. Temp did get down to a low of 32.4 degrees back around 7:00am. All in all, a great February for snowfall and snowpack.
  5. . One thing's for sure. This past winter has featured many more rain-to-snow transitions than snow-to-rain. A sign of a great winter.
  6. Here in Carlisle, at 11:15pm the light rain has begun to mix with snow. Temp has been slowly dropping from 40 degrees back around 9:30 to the current 35.2 degrees. At 34 degrees and at night, snow should be able to accumulate on grassy / mulch areas. If we don't drop all the way to 32 it will be difficult to get anything to stick to sidewalks and roads. I still have patches of snow in my back yard that are a few inches in depth. These are the areas that are almost completely shaded throughout the day (at least before the coming equinox). I've recorded 0.01" of rainfall. I'll probably put my clear-vue gauge out as soon as the transition is almost complete. Perhaps that will be within the next 30 minutes. Looks like next middle of next week any beyond are looking increasingly cold and possibly snowy. That 500 map looked pretty impressive with the jet coming down from Canada and then curving under PA and moving back up to the northeast. It would seem there will be at least some tracking going on around here in the coming days. Enjoy tonight's snow regardless of how little we get.
  7. Thanks for chiming in. Interesting that you and I had 14:1 while Cashtown was around 11:1. I know ratios can vary substantially, so no big deal. But I'm glad to see that someone else (you) did report a similar measurement.
  8. For the few of you who melt down your snow, such as @Cashtown_Coop, I'd love to hear from you. I think you'd all be interested to know that this storm had the highest SLR of any event this season. I measured 2.8" of pure snow and it melted down to 0.20" of liquid. This produced a ratio of exactly 14 : 1. I don't think any other event this winter had a ratio that high. Most of my other events were all around 10:1. So, another anomaly from this storm.
  9. Well, it really is ending now with just a few stray flakes coming down. But, the 15 minutes of additional accumulating somehow gave me 0.3" more snow to reach 2.8" for this storm. This gives me a seasonal total of precisely 30.0"! Yay! (lol) Temp up to 31.8 so slow melting will be starting soon. Hard to believe that just 3 days ago today's event looked like it would be practically nothing. Things don't always trend in the wrong direction leading up to an event.
  10. Well once again I spoke too soon. The snow has restarted again and is falling heavily enough to accumulate again. Skies have darkened and temp is 31.3 degrees. All I need is 0.3" more!
  11. Amazing. Only 2.5" here for me. Accumulating snow has ended with just a few flakes falling now. Skies brightening and temp up to 31.1.
  12. I should also add that today's storm is the eighth day this month with measurable snow. That's more than 25% of the days this month! Pretty impressive.
  13. Here in Carlisle at 11:00am it is currently snowing heavily, though not quite as heavy as an hour ago. There were a few lulls during this past hour as well. I picked up an additional 0.5" of snow, giving me a storm total of 2.3". The temperature has risen a little more and is now at 30.0. Winds are light. Looks like I'm going to reach 3" at the end which will just put me over the 30" mark for the season.
  14. Here in Carlisle at 10:00am it is snowing heavily and has been heavy for the past 30 minutes. After almost a 30 minute slowdown it suddenly picked back up again. I just measured an additional 0.8" of snow during the past hour giving me a storm total of 1.8". The temp is up to 28.8 degrees. As I type this it is almost snowing the heaviest of the storm thus far. Easily over an inch per hour rate. Maybe the NAM will be wrong for me? Biggest flakes so far also.