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  1. Wow! That's a nice looking surprise. It's funny how many of the previous runs showed Cumberland county...especially a sort of snow-hole. Now it's flipped...haha. Honestly, if I can just get 2" to cover the grass from this event it will be a win for December 2nd. Like others have said I just can't figure out how CTP is playing down the snow potential big-time for the entire LSV. Run after run from different models have painted 2" or more area-wide and yet they just say 'nah'. Guess we'll have to wait until the overnight updates to see if they change their mind. At least they've dropped the temps back from 41 to 37 for the high tomorrow for me last time I checked. Regardless, it's an event to watch and filled with surprises yet to come.
  2. I guess so. Intensity would definitely make a difference. But the models have been consistently painting 1-2" for us by the end of the storm. Most of that should be the Sunday night/Monday event. Yet, State College says virtually no accumulations from part 2 for LSV region. My own feeling is that once we go over to snow early Monday it won't go back to rain and temps will never reach 40 for highs like they currently are forecasting. If the ULL does in fact pass right over us or just south of us that is where the lowest heights are located which should translate into frozen precip and not liquid IMHO.
  3. I'm down to 31.6 now just before 9:30. Was at my sister's in northern NJ and returned home a few hours ago. What I couldn't figure out is how Mt. Holly has them (Morris County) going from a mix over to all snow Monday morning with 2 to 4 inches of accumulation forecast by Monday night. How can they be going from a mix to all snow during Monday while we are forecast to go from a mix over to all rain during Monday with no accumulations? That difference does not make any sense to me.
  4. 19.6 for me at 4:36am. I just set up my weather station at noon yesterday at my new residence (apartment) that I moved to 1 week ago. I'm still in Carlisle but in South Middleton Twp now, moved from North Middleton Twp after living there for 8 years. I'm in a brand new apartment complex called Summerbridge. 298 units with solar (9 panels per unit). I've got the best exposure (location of the equipment) for any place I've every lived. Only minor issue is the wind is connected to the temperature so the sensor unit is mounted at 6 feet to get accurate temps, but wind no longer at 10M. Temp accuracy much more important, though. Needless to say there's heavy frost everywhere this morning and there's solid ice in the drainage culverts from the standing puddles of Thursday's rainfall. The manager of the apartment complex let me set up the station, so it will be the "offical" weather station for Summerbridge. For anyone interested here's my Weather Underground link to the station: Finally, I received some emails from my weather friends back in NJ this morning. The state climatologist (based at Rutgers in New Brunswick) reported a low of 19 degrees which broke the record of 21 set back in 1992. The 19 degrees was also the coldest temp recorded so early in the season. He went on to mention that just once month ago, on October 2nd the station hit a record of 95 degrees which broke the record for hottest reading so late in the season! Wow!
  5. Congrats to your family, Chris, for that unique honor. (I'll be in touch soon to explain why I never got back to you about the HVAC)
  6. Hello all. Welcome to another upcoming winter season...albeit a bit early again. I actually like autumn a bit more than winter, so I'd personally like to have my November 50's high temps back for a few more weeks. Like many here today was my first official sighting of snowflakes. We had numerous brief periods of flurries mid to late morning with an occasional heavier snow shower that lasted a few minutes. I was outside during one of the heavier snowbursts, and with the wind blowing it suddenly felt like real winter. Looking forward to having convos with all of you throughout the upcoming season. Looks like tonight will be the coldest night of "fall" thus far with low to mid 20's for me by morning. Enjoy your weekend! ---Stephen
  7. Hi Guys. Meant to post this late Thursday. With no rain in the forecast for Thursday a super-isolated shower developed as I was driving home from the gym. There was still plenty of blue sky and sunshine while all of a sudden it began to pour. Meanwhile, the sun stayed out the entire time and I was treated to a rainbow off to the east that I followed on my trip back to my house. When I arrived home the sun was still shining but it was still pouring and it continued that way for close to 20 more minutes. Picked up 0.10" of rain all while the sun stayed out the entire time. It was the strangest experience. I know it's common to have stuff like this happen down in Florida during the summertime, but usually around here you might get a few minutes of sun from a tiny break in the sky in the west while the rain is still falling. I would say at least half the sky was cloud-free during this non-forecasted rain "storm". Pretty amazing.
  8. I saw a few talking about monthly climate so I thought I would just update my precip for this month. I have recorded 8.79" of rain this month, or about 2.25x the normal monthly amount. If I receive another 0.75" between now and the end of the month I will tie last July's rainfall of 9.5". Quite a feat to have back-to-back July's with nearly 10" of precip. July 2018 precip was then eclipsed 2 months later with 10.5" recorded in September. Wonder how this year will pan out? Oh yeah, my 3 highs from last Friday>Sunday were 95.1, 95.5, and 96.3 respectively.
  9. Yesterday at 1:30 I was 93/77. Today I'm 94/75. Overnight low warmest of the year at 74. Next Tuesday>Friday look absolutely fantastic. Sunshine, Low 80's / Upper 50's. Doesn't get much better than that for mid-summer.
  10. 2pm ob from CXY 96/74 with heat index 107 Here at 2:18 I've got 93/76 with heat index 106
  11. I'm at 91 at 12:16 with a dew point of 78 !!! That's probably a heat index of close to 100. Edit>>>91/78 = Heat index is 105. Yikes.
  12. And we all know what the following winter brought us!
  13. I got you beat on that. Between 3:00 and 3:25 I had 1.42" of rain. I completely missed it as I was at the gym in Mechanicsburg. Didn't even know it had rained that much until I was browsing through the earlier posts here. Then I took a look at my weather station and was totally surprised. That's an incredible amount of rain for such a short period of time. Today's rainfall makes 5 of the last 8 days (since 7/4) with over 1" of rainfall. I've recorded 7.73" of rain in the past 8 days. I'm ready to say it's a near lock that I'll exceed 10" by the end of the month. Certainly wondering how much of the hurricane moisture makes its way up here. Sounds like it is progged to move northward and then get picked up by a front and shunted eastward towards our area.
  14. I'm on track to see possibly another 10" precip month. I'm pretty sure last July I had just under 10" of rain. YTD total currently stands at 33.91".