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  1. Rainfall up to 0.20" already with heavy rain. Nothing extreme. Temp down to 69.4.
  2. Hearing thunder now as a more solid line of thunderstorms move northeast and are now about 5 miles away. Getting progressively darker. Temp down from a high of 89.6 (so rounded up I hit 90, likely the last time for that until next spring...yay! Temp has dropped back down to 74.8 with dew point of 66.
  3. Just hit the 4.00" mark as the back end progresses towards me. It has been breezy for sure and the temp is holding at 63.7 so it's kind of chilly/raw out. Carlisle was under a flood warning earlier. Not sure if it was just local roads. There are a few low lying roads that almost always flood over with any amount of heavy rain. Not sure I have enough intact records to go back in time to the last date I received 4 or more inches in a day. I don't recall having a day like this at all last year. Maybe others can chime in if they have any info on that.
  4. I made a boo-boo with the pressure conversion. I was 29.59" but that is 1002mb. I've just had a sudden jump back up to 29.62"
  5. Just reached 3.04" as the heavy rain continues. The rate is no where near this morning's torrent, but it's still adding up. One other thing I wanted to mention was that back on Sunday when the models were showing Ida's circulation reaching us, the model said it would be at a pressure of about 1003 to 1005 millibars. Well, the circulation hasn't reached us yet, however, my pressure is now down to 29.59" (998 mb). So it's interesting to note that Ida is stronger now than what had been projected a few days ago. Temp continues to drop very slowly, now down to 65.5 degrees.
  6. 1.10" in the gauge so far. Incredible torrent back around 7:30 which delivered around 0.75" in about 20 minutes. Interestingly, right now the radar is lit up with orange and yellow north of here up in true central areas. Will that shift south during the day? We'll see. Oh, btw, so far there have been zero recorded lightning strikes for the entire event.
  7. 0Z 3k has shifted the max bullseye about 20 miles east. Looks like Dillsburg is ground zero now with 11.68". Meanwhile I hit the casino slots with 7.77". I'm glad Canderson brought up the wind action. The low is still progged to be around 1003 at its closest approach. NHC shows that peak winds at each forecast point do not drop below 30mph and in fact slowly begin to go back up as the low passes to our east. I do think that wind will play a part in exacerbating the rainfall by uprooting trees that are in soaked ground.
  8. 18z 3k NAM has Perry & Cumberland counties as the bullseye for 10"+. The last one like this was with Lee as has been mentioned numerous times already. I don't have my specific record but I know it was close to 10" in less than 24 hours because it flooded the basement of the house we were renting and where most of our packed belongings were stored. Cardboard boxes don't do well in standing water.
  9. Did you happen to hear that today is the 16th anniversary of Katrina hitting New Orleans? Amazing...8/29/05 Katrina ravages NO. If it still is a depression we could see sustained 25+mph winds here Wednesday along with the torrential rain. I certainly hope the icon's 11" for MDT does not materialize. Even 6-8" is going to create some havoc around here.
  10. Wow...dead smack in the max precip bullseye. Will have to get ready for it.
  11. 5:00pm it's 90.5, which is the high of the day (so far), with heat index of 97 and dp of 72. So, day 2 of 90+ with at least 3 more to go.
  12. Hit 91.9 yesterday with a max heat index of 98 as dew points held in the low 70's. Currently 88.3 but heat index a little lower at 92 with a dew point of 70. NWS says my max temps will be over 90 every day this week until Saturday. That's a pretty long stretch of 90's getting this late in the season. All I know is that a week from today the normal high will be 80 and on its way down! Actually normal low should be down around 57. That sounds nice.
  13. Hi Guys...just a quick update to say that I've recorded only 0.15" of rain so far today. The radar looks interesting with our precip rotating down toward us from the northeast. Clearly we are no where near the western edge of Henri's circulation but I guess it must be that upper trough interacting with Henri to enhance the precip over us?
  14. Get ready @Blizzard of 93, @canderson, & @sauss06...it's rapidly approaching you now. Meanwhile the show is quickly coming to an end here...but what a show!
  15. Wow...what a storm with wind and hurricane force rainfall. I've picked up in the past 45 minutes over 1.6" of new rainfall for a total since midnight approaching 4". It's finally beginning to subside. But every time it looked like it was beginning to let up it just roared right back with more wind and heavier rain. Hope everyone is staying safe!
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