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  1. CXY again is showing 12% RH with a 59 / 6 combo. I'm 3 degrees warmer than yesterday's high of 54, currently 57.2 with 18% RH and dew point of 16. Almost no wind today makes today the clear winner in the comfort department over yesterday. It's just great to have had a string of sunny days (#4) after so so many cloudy, dreary days this winter. Edit>>One other thing I forgot to mention was my low this morning got down to 17 around 7 AM and by 10AM it was 30 degrees warmer at 47 !
  2. I'll be ridiculously bold and go with 70% / 40%. March really could end up surprising us despite this non-winter season thus far. I've been amazed at the low relative humidities as discussed above by @MAG5035 this afternoon. Typically you see combos of 50's with dew points in the single digits or teens in April, not February. CXY has been at 12% the past few hours with a 54/2 combo. I'm currently at 53 with 15% and a dew point of 6. Crazy! But, today has been 100% sunshine and yesterday was close to that too. A bit breezy so the warmth is tempered just a bit.
  3. That one is easy for me to remember. I got 2" from it (north Jersey)...and it was just 2 days after my 20th birthday. You'll have a harder time remembering further back....but before this one became the earliest snowfall for me, October 18th, 1972 I also got about 2" of snow. I was in 8th grade. I vividly remember all of the Maple trees which were in full color, totally smothered in snow and drooping down low. As for April 6, 1982, that was a Tuesday. The day before it was sunny and in the upper 40's. It took an incredibly anomalous deep trough to produce that storm. The thicknesses were down around 510dm, which is insane for April. That's what was able to keep temps in the 20's with sun on Wednesday. I also got 9" out of that one. I dropped to 16 degrees overnight going into the 7th. Central Park broke 2 record lows for both the 6th and 7th when the temp before and after midnight reached 21 degrees there. Great stuff indeed!
  4. Tonight might? beat my coldest of this season if the winds stay totally calm and skies remain clear. Current lowest this season so far is 11.8 degrees at 07:12 on January 9th. Then, less than 48 hours later I hit my warmest of the season/year of 68.0 at 23:38 on January 11th. Currently, shortly after midnight I'm at 18.1 with a dew point of 5.8 so there is definitely enough dryness in the air to get down to below 11.8. We'll see.
  5. I've got you and Bubbler beat on this one. My father bought a motor home in 1969 when I was 10 years old. My grandparents (mothers' side) had just retired from NJ to Boca Raton (FL). So, each winter vacation we would drive down to Boca. I-95 was barely under it's early days of construction and so the main highway through the North Carolina / South Carolina corridor was US 301. That's the highway that South of the Border was located on. I absolutely loved all the billboards that kept leading up to getting closer and closer. You guys probably would remember one of my favorites which was the "Pedro never sleeps" which had a motorized sheep that kept going around in circles above Pedro's reclined head. By around 1976 or 77 the construction of I-95 was nearing completion throughout that region and I'm sure it was then that South of the Border began to take a real fiscal hit. Another favorite landmark of mine from that area were the Piggly-Wiggly supermarkets. How I laughed at that name and the crazy other names of towns, etc, which I'm pretty sure were inspired by native American's many years before. Ever hear of the tiny town of Coosawatchie, South Carolina? There's a river by that name running around that area of southern South Carolina. Lots' of great memories from the bygone era of the 70's in that part of the world.
  6. Earlier this morning I read my weekly newsletter put out by Larry Cosgrove (former NYC TV Met, now an energy markets met in Houston, Tx). Hate to disappoint all but his long range forecast all but says winter is over. The Euro weeklies and monthlies show nothing but above normal for almost the entire country every month from now through August! For those who follow Enso, we've spent most of this winter in positive-neutral territory. That would typically be a pretty good spot to be in if all the other indices weren't running against us. Well, the Enso models are pretty emphatically showing a steady decline towards neutral by April and then continuing down right into a moderate La Nina by summertime...lasting right into next fall. Unfortunately, for those of us who dislike hot, humid summers the news is not good. The stronger the LaNina, the hotter the summer. So while we've been fortunate to have a string of only mild summers over the past few years it's looking like this upcoming one could be a real roaster. I wish I had better news, but I just wanted to share his opinions for the long range. He's usually quite good at piecing together the analog years and coming up with decent long range forecasts. Of course, none of this means we can't still have a snowstorm over the next 6 weeks, but we could just as easily be looking at a sub-12" snowfall winter season (MDT-area) when all is said and done.
  7. Haha. Thanks for the nice map. Wish I could be home to enjoy it. I've been in north Jersey visiting my sister this week and I head back to PA tomorrow (Friday) but not leaving until around noon. Looks like I might see falling snow, though, as I traverse I-78 heading back to Carlisle. I'll measure when I get back if any has accumulated and if any hasn't melted by 3:00pm.
  8. Ok, this makes absolutely no sense. Cumberland county is in the WWA for tonight, yet my grid forecast has me with a low of 34 and says nothing but pure rain with a quarter to half inch expected. Something's
  9. Sorry to hear that, but thanks for the update!
  10. So that "push" or "press" of arctic air has weakened or just isn't going to last as long now?
  11. Absolutely beautiful day today...for early May! But it really does feel great though. 64.4 the current and high temp of the day. Guess another high temp record is about to fall at MDT. No one has updated us on the latest for the multi-day precip events. I was getting a little excited with last night's GFS showing 6+ at MDT by Saturday. NWS barely has anything wintry in the grids other than some zr. We've already had enough zr. But, always remember....Enjoy the's the only weather you've got!
  12. You guys to the south who got 0.25 to 0.50" of rainfall were on quite the gradient. I only got 0.03" of rainfall today. Looking forward to the wintry developments for later this week and maybe some mood flakes tomorrow?? Today was the 3rd consecutive Saturday that was inclement. Remember, 3 weeks ago today was the great snow/sleet storm of Jan 2020. (lol)
  13. There won't be anything accumulating here today. Temp up to 39.6 and rising. We had a brief period of light rain here around 6:00pm yesterday. Just managed to leave some water droplets on my car. Woo-hoo! Can't believe Jan has come and gone with very little fanfare. What will Feb bring?
  14. After the Icon post I was going to say..."Let the north trend begin...". Last weekend we needed the south trend that never materialized. Like throwing darts, maybe eventually we'll be near the bulls-eye??
  15. I can concur with @Cashtown_Coop....1.44" of rainfall overnight. Wow. Actually, I was saying to my wife yesterday that up until then this month had been quite dry. I only had 1.24" of liquid through yesterday. Now, that just literally more than doubled to 2.68". Still below normal precip for Jan.