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  1. What??? I'm just checking in for the first time today (it's 12:45am Friday) and just saw your message. Well the way the models have all blown the high amounts of rain anywhere in our area means I'll believe it when I see it. It's actually quite pleasant out there tonight. I took my dog out around 10:30 and immediately felt the drier air with a gentle breeze. Sure enough when I came back in and checked my station it had a temp of 73 and a dew point of 59! There have been sprinkles on and off so far. Has evaporatively cooled down to 67 with a dew point of 57. I'm willing to bet that if we stay cloudy all day Friday and it rains the temps will hold in the low 60's. I wouldn't mind getting 5" of rain as it would fill up the reserves and turn everything green again. It's been quite dry here since the start of the month with only 0.58" total qpf so far. I don't have to worry about flooding as I have a huge retention basin right beside me that would have to fill up to like 10 feet before there'd be any issues. Not worried at all.
  2. Finally! I finally got a thunderstorm to move over me slowly from north to south. Decent amount of thunder preceded its arrival along with during the storm. Picked up 0.53" in about 20 minutes. This is the first precip of this week (starting last Sunday). Hopefully more to come. Temp dropped 10 degrees from 83 to 73. Always like that feature of thunderstorms although the high humidity it leaves behind isn't so pleasant.
  3. Hazy sun breaking through here now. Temp 82.2 with dew point of 73.9 and a heat index of 88.2. Yuck! I'm still dry as a bone, missing all showers thus far. Perhaps this afternoon?
  4. 91.4 / 73.6 here at 2:45 with an ugly heat index of 101 which is officially Heat Advisory levels. Sun was out, then clouds, then back to sun which got me to my current and high temp for the day so far. Now, back to clouds.
  5. After checking my records I can confirm that 92.1 degrees is the highest temperature of the year so far for me. 92 is also 40 degrees warmer than it was last Saturday at this time. Wow.
  6. 92.1 my high of the day. Now down to 90.5. I'll have to check my data but I think today might be the warmest day of the year so far for me. Fortunately the dewpoint is only 62 making it almost about 5 minutes!
  7. I got down to 58.6 degrees early this morning. It's already up to 80 now but there's a pretty good breeze and dew points are in the mid 60's. I see during this past week there was discussion from many on the hit and miss showers. I definitely missed out as over the past 7 days I've only managed 0.07" of rain. Hoping this upcoming week brings a solid soaking.
  8. Thanks for the map. It is all around me. Looks like to some degree the heavier bands follow the contours of the mountains.
  9. The temp here just dropped another 1.5 degrees and I am now at my low for today at 46.9 degrees. It appears that all around me in all directions have had more rain than here. South, West, East, and North...haha. I recorded 0.69" yesterday with an additional 0.21" today for an event total thus far of 0.90". I'm back in my sweats and long shirt with the heat running at 73 degrees. Feels great! Meanwhile, it does not feel great outside with a wind chill of 44 degrees and light rain at the moment.
  10. Yep. Just as I predicted 3 hours ago I thought there was a decent chance MDT would be down to 52 before the end of their observational day. Well, at 10:56pm their temp was 52 degrees. If it drops to 51 then the only question will be does it exceed 51 during the daytime tomorrow or not. I think the odds are 50/50 for a 51 degree max for tomorrow or at worst, 52 degrees. I'm now down to 50.2 degrees with an northeasterly wind of 5-10mph, occasional gusts to 15. Once my temp reaches 49.9 degrees my weather station will start displaying the wind chill! With a low here of 47 and a sustained wind of 10mph the wind chill would be in the low 40's. With the rain falling those conditions are simply horrible for being outdoors. I expect to turn my heat on tomorrow morning as I expect my inside temp to drop to around 70. That's too cold for me. I like 72 or 73. Oh, and by the way, I have absolutely no problem with putting back on my sweats to wear tomorrow and again on Sunday. One other interesting note is I see Ambient's local forecast has me with a high of 53.0 tomorrow and then drops it further for Sunday down to 50.4. Hard to imagine Sunday being colder than Saturday. We'll see.
  11. With this latest batch of heavier rain moving through, temps have dropped 5 degrees from the upper 50's to the low 50's (53.4). And with the 8 o'clock obs from MDT showing a temperature of 55 degrees I think it's now virtually a lock that they will break their record low maximum for tomorrow of 57 degrees. The airport isn't expecting anything above 53 for tomorrow max. Now we just have to wait until midnight/1:00am for the new day to begin and see what the temp is at that time. I'm thinking they have a shot at 53 or even 52 degrees for the record low max tomorrow. That really is amazing for May 29th. The normal high temp for tomorrow is 77 and the normal low is 57. We're looking at a 25-degree departure on the high temps for tomorrow. The date with the normal high temp being 52 degrees is around March 15th!!! So that really does mean that we are looking at late winter daytime temps throughout our area for the first part of Memorial Day weekend. Wow! >>Edit...I forgot to mention that I'm up to 0.65" of rain for the event so far.
  12. Absolutely amazing what the GFS (6z) is showing for later next week into the weekend. Specifically, a cold front drops down from the north later Thursday sending temps from the 60's into the 50's and then into the 40's. Then MDT stays in the 40's from 9:00pm Thursday evening until about noon on Saturday. With it raining a fair amount throughout Friday it keeps temps in the 40's with New England in the 30's! If this happened the way it is depicted it would be totally unprecedented for late season cold. Stunning! Here's 2:00pm Friday afternoon...this is as warm as it gets all day Friday...
  13. 1.5 degrees away from 90 with 88.5 at the moment. Yesterday we almost had a 40-degree diurnal with a low of 49 and a high of 88. Low this morning was 56 so it keeps creeping up slowly. Current dew point is 53 which keeps it bearable (outdoors) with temps close to 90. I'd prefer about 10 degrees lower on both the dew point and the temp!
  14. Just a trace of rain here today. It sprinkled for hours but it amounted to nothing. Today marks the end of my heating! Yes, I have had a few days where I had to turn the a/c on. However, the fairly significant below-normal temps the past 2 weeks have kept the need for a little heat after waking up in the morning to take away some of the chill. I don't think I've ever gone this deep into Spring while still running the heat. And, for those of you wondering what temp I set the heat to, it is mainly 72 degrees except for the first 3 hours of my day between 7:30 - 10:30am and between 10:30 and 11:30pm, I raise the temp to 73.
  15. At the height of the torrent this morning it was raining here at a rate of 6 inches/hr! Picked up 0.5" in 30 minutes. It is finally letting up and the skies are brightening. It was really dark as the heavy rain came in. Since midnight I've recorded another 0.75" giving me a 3-day total of 1.69". Temp dropped from 66 to 60 currently.