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  1. A wintry low of 20.3 degrees early this morning with widespread frost. I also recorded a trace of snow late Tuesday afternoon when for about 5 minutes a moderate snow shower passed through.
  2. Only recorded 0.24" of rain, but the winds still sustained 25-30 gusting to 40.
  3. Wow...this wind is incredible. When the squall line came through I had several gusts to 52 mph! Then a lull of sorts, then a rapid ramp back up with frequent gusts to 45mph and 1 minute averages of 33 mph which is the highest sustained winds I have seen here in a year.
  4. Let's hope we don't repeat the vanishing rainstorm of last week, for everyone's sake.
  5. Plenty of frost around this morning. First ob at or below 32.0 with a low of 31.3 degrees. I mentioned a while ago that the average first date of a sub-freezing temp here in Carlisle is October 15th. So, only 2 days late. Even though it's going to be dry for the next 7 days it looks like temps will be glorious. Definitely love October weather!
  6. 0.85" storm total here through 9:00am with maybe a few more hundredths left. Month-to-date total is 1.08".
  7. My grid forecast saw a 50% reduction in storm total rain for the "Delta" event. Instead of 1.5" - 3.00" I now have 1.00" - 1.50". How could those totals change by that much only hours before the event begins?
  8. At 9:30am this morning astronomical Fall began. We continue to lose about 2 minutes and 40 seconds of daylight every day for about another month before the daily loss slows down. From today until December 21st we will lose about 2 hours and 40 minutes of daylight, bottoming out at roughly 9 hours 18 minutes on the first day of Winter. Regarding the frost, I don't think I've ever seen the NWS issue 3 frost advisories in the month of September, and most remarkably 3 consecutive days, and all still during calendar Summer. Wow.
  9. 33.3 degrees for my low this morning. Amazing, a Frost Advisory and it's still calendar Summer! I'm pretty sure I've never seen a Frost Advisory this early before. For the Carlisle area the average date of the first 32 degree low is October 15th while the last date is typically April 15th with 180 days for the growing season. Snow in May...Frost in September...what other crazy things await us in the final three months of 2020??
  10. 37.9 here this morning. I didn't get up to see if there was any frost. Wonder what is MDT's earliest 32 degrees or below date?
  11. A crisp 39.9 degrees this morning. First breakthrough into the 30's of the season. Even ran the heat for 15 minutes to take the chill off a bit.
  12. Thanks for the info, Mag! With a September snow occurring roughly once every 5 years they were horribly overdue. Anxious to see how things turn out over the next 36 hours.
  13. My wife's brother happens to live in the foothills west of Denver in Golden, close to 6000 feet. I'll be able to find out how much snow he gets when I talk to him early Wednesday. I've been pouring over the news articles that the NWS (Denver) has on their site right now. It's fascinating to see the records list for the greatest 1-, 2-, and 3-day temperature changes on record for Denver since the start of records in 1872. Since the records run from midnight to midnight they won't be able to make it into the 1-day. They'll come up a few degrees short on the 2-day since the current forecast change looks like about 62 degrees if they hit 94 tomorrow and drop to 32 on Tuesday morning (or before midnight Tuesday evening). I was reading that Denver's high temp yesterday of 101 degrees was the latest 100+ degree reading on record. Near-record cold is forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday with temps around freezing both days. What I can't get over is how many extreme records have been broken around the country this year. I wonder if September 8th could be the earliest recorded snowfall for Denver? Since I didn't see them mention that I guess they've had snowfall earlier. Accumulating snow in summer. Wow!
  14. Low 51.8 here this morning which ties the low I had last week on that one cool morning. Glorious pre-fall weather today. I happened to catch Tom Russel yesterday. His long-range forecast sounded very encouraging. After the brief upcoming "hot" spell he expects the pattern to change by mid-month with us entering a prolonged "cool" period that sticks around. YAY.