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  1. I was referring to the part that comes after the rain in the Thursday timeframe. Regarding later in the period, in Larry Cosgrove's weekly newsletter that came out last night he said to be on the lookout in the 6 to 10 day timeframe for an east coast storm along with no shortage of available arctic air already in place. So, it does look like things are going to begin to get exciting again after our brief midweek warm up.
  2. Well I'm down to 21.0 degrees at 5:00, only 2 degrees off from this morning's forecast. Not bad. Unfortunately the wind chill is close to +8F, which is bad.
  3. This morning my point n click said my temp would drop to 19 by 5:00pm. Now, shortly after 4:00 I am down to 23. Don't think I'll make it to 19 by 5:00, but except for when the sun was out strong a few hours ago the temp has been on a gradual downhill slide most of the past 6 hours. I've had multiple wind gusts into the mid-upper 20's as well. The barometric pressure here bottomed out around 7:00am at 992 mb or 29.30". That low was pretty strong. I don't remember it ever being progged to be in the low 990's. I remember seeing upper 990's. I guess that played into the further NW movement overall with the storm. Wonder what's in store for us midweek after the warmer portion of the storm is through?
  4. I thought MAG said he was going to keep this thread but just rename it.
  5. Morning all... The front appears to have just passed through here as I have rising pressure with suddenly gusty winds which just reached 30mph. The temp overnight remained between 32 and 33 until 7am when it began to rise, peaking at 37 at 9:30. Now back down to 36.3. Total liquid from the storm was 1.29" with 3.6" of snow. I've got about half of that snow left in very mushy form. On to the glacier we go.
  6. Still about 90% sleet here with 10% freezing rain. The ZR is about to become just R as my temp is precisely 32.0 and after rising fairly quickly, it suddenly stopped allowing a very tiny glaze to form on top of the snow, which the sleet has been really compacting. Might be back down to around 3".
  7. Those of us in Cumberland all seem to have ended up with around 3.5". How's that for consistency? I'm still 100% sleet. However my temp has slowly begun to rise and is now up to 31.3. I don't think there will end up being any freezing rain here either, or if there is it will end up melting before dawn.
  8. BTW...I wasn't trying to take attention away from the storm tonight by those posts. After Sauss asked it sent me off in the direction of looking at that since for those of us "down here" that's the next big thing. OK...back to the storm already in progress...
  9. Hope nobody has to stay outside very long with THIS Monday morning...
  10. Can I interest anyone in sub-zero at 7:00AM Monday morning??? I offer you the latest HRRR for your comfy enjoyment...
  11. Perhaps I should just ignore the board until Horst says something's coming. Then I'll let you text me and save me from the countless hours I spent chasing tonight's storm since last Monday morning.
  12. exceeded...by a whopping 0.3". Truth is I might have had a few tenths more of snowfall because I didn't realize the sleet had moved in until I went to take the measurement, and it looked like there was some sleet accumulation on top of the snow already. But, it's what I measured. And yes, the snow stick was perfectly perpendicular to the board. Haha. I'm a horribly detailed individual in many areas of my life and accuracy of weather measurements is near the top of my list!
  13. Just went out to take my hourly measurement and measured 3.6", that was 2.0" in the last hour. The bad news...sleet has mixed in. Looks like 75/25 snow/sleet at the moment. So I guess that's it for me for snowfall. Hi itstrainingtime. 3.6. I win...but only barely. But...you win being the closest to the actual total vs my predicted 4.8. That's great about Newville. He's about 15 miles west of me and picked up 2" more.
  14. Fatty flakes, fatty flakes, baker's man... That yellow on radar over me now is NOT sleet! This is >2"/hr. But it has caused my temp to go up to 30.6.