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  1. Yes, it literally formed right over me. Picked up 0.15". Almost no wind. It's done now and the sun is out. lol
  2. Hi guys. Just checking in with my storm stats... Rainfall yesterday was 2.48" Rainfall since midnight was 1.09" Storm total so far = 3.57" Will this event be another 4"+? We had one such event last year.
  3. Just went outside to let the dog out. I thought it was just raining until I glanced at my car windshield and it was covered in sleet. At the same time I heard crackling beneath my feet as I walked along my driveway. This much sleet will easily qualify for an official frozen measurement of 0.1". Temp holding steady at 34.3. Total liquid so far today has measured 0.61". Could there be a white surprise come tomorrow morning?
  4. Look at this wild radar with the donut hole of snow surrounded by heavy rain.
  5. Moderate to occasionally heavy rain, mixed with sleet continues to fall here in Carlisle just before 10:00pm. The temperature has been slowly falling back down from the earlier 36 degrees back around 5:00 now down to 34.3. BTW my low here this morning before the clouds rolled in was 26.4 making today really feel like February. No accumulation here today though it did snow for quite a few hours early to mid afternoon. That deformation band really does look nice affecting parts of our area during the night. I just forgot the model Bliz just showed where my area is still forecast to receive 4" of accumulation by morning. I'll be happy to wake up to a coating to maybe a half-inch. Then it's off to Lake Wales / Winterhaven Florida later tomorrow morning. This intensifying coastal is sending a strong cold front down through most of the peninsula which will lead to glorious weather with highs in the low 80's and lows around 60 with lots of sunshine through the rest of this week. Very excited to visit a close childhood friend I haven't seen in over 20 years. He's my NWS friend who just retired last year from the Blacksburg, VA forecast office after nearly 20 years as the meteorologist-in-charge there.
  6. URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service State College PA 239 PM EDT Mon Apr 18 2022 PAZ026>028-035-036-050-056-063-064-190000- /O.EXB.KCTP.WW.Y.0019.000000T0000Z-220419T0000Z/ Huntingdon-Mifflin-Juniata-Fulton-Franklin-Snyder-Perry- Cumberland-Adams- Including the cities of Huntingdon, Mount Union, Lewistown, Mifflintown, McConnellsburg, Chambersburg, Selinsgrove, Newport, Carlisle, and Gettysburg 239 PM EDT Mon Apr 18 2022 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL 8 PM EDT THIS EVENING... * WHAT...Wet snow. Additional snow accumulations of up to one inch. Total snow accumulation 1 to 3 inches. * WHERE...Portions of central Pennsylvania. Heaviest snowfall at higher elevations. * WHEN...Until 8 PM EDT this evening. * IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the evening commute. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission remind motorists to adjust speeds based on driving conditions as winter weather impacts will include snow covered roads and limited visibility.
  7. Hey...I just got a text that Cumberland county is now under a winter weather advisory until 8:00pm this evening! I'm sure someone else will post the particulars soon.
  8. There's an amazing difference between relatively warmer temps to my east while everyone to my west and southwest is between 32 and 33 degrees. It's been 100% snowing here for over an hour. However, the temp has only dropped to 34.3 and it's not heavy enough to accumulate yet. It's fascinating seeing places south of me along the I-81 corridor colder. I just need heavier rates to drop the temp further and to get any accumulation going. Mulch still bare. This morning's HRRR was forecasting 1.00" of all rain for me earlier. That inch of rain falls between 2pm and midnight. Will be interesting to see what happens as the sun begins to sink further. Will have to wait until probably 4 or 5pm for that.
  9. An almost frosty (and unexpected) low of 35.6 this morning. But, at 10:30 it has rapidly rebounded up to 61.5. Yesterday was my first official day with a high of 80 or more with 80.1 degrees. 2 days ago (Wednesday) my high was 79.2, which was the warmest day of the year so far, then eclipsed yesterday.
  10. Wow. A Blizzard warning that lasts for more than 48 hours until Thursday evening! This must be a cut-off low or something. I haven't looked. Amazing, though.
  11. A very chilly 27.3 degrees for my low this morning. Heavy frost everywhere. I'm willing to bet that today is the last day seeing 20's until next fall.
  12. @sauss06 Just saw your earlier post about my weather yesterday. The western 1/3 of the county I believe got hit fairly hard. The line weakened a bit as it progressed through. By the time it reached me it was in no way near severe. The winds were piddly throughout the storm. They were nearly calm in the 15 minutes before the thunderstorms arrived and only were maybe 10-15 during them. The winds seem to have returned as I just heard the roar from outside. Gusts at least to 20 for a bit. I think the grids had winds gusting to 30+ the early part of the night, then dropping off during the night. If they don't drop off by 3 or 4am my current 41 will not make it down to the forecast low of 31. Current dew point is 23 so that will help with the drop if the winds go calm.
  13. I missed out on any "excitement" with the storms yesterday. There was almost no wind which was strange. It did rain heavily for a short period of time, but nothing out of the ordinary despite being under a warning twice. I received 0.48" through midnight and then another 0.02" overnight for a storm total of 0.50". After a little bit of sun an hour ago it has become overcast again. Winds are stronger now than during the storms, averaging around 10 mph. Temp dropped to 44.4 earlier and has been rather steady ever since with a current reading of 45.3.
  14. Temp down to 64.8. Dew Point 56 as the air becomes drier. Dark skies now overhead but the winds have dropped off to the lowest they've been all day. Under 10mph. I'm under a warning until 6:30. We'll see what happens.
  15. Yet another day with sub 1000 millibar pressures. Currently down to 996 (29.41") and still falling.
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