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  1. Central PA - January 2018

    Glad I put the gauge back out after the midnight measurements. It had another 0.4" of snow in the post-midnight bonus giving me 4.4" total. My son down in ATL ended up with about 1.5 to 2.0" even there overnight. Major roads all solidly snow-covered. No plows...no salt....no work for many down there today. Ahhh the awesomeness of mother nature. Temp back down to 18 degrees which is the low for the day. It's been in the teens so much it almost seems like the norm now.
  2. Central PA - January 2018

    Midnight reading remains at 4.0" storm total with melted water of 0.30" giving a 13:1 SLR. A few flakes still falling but only mood flakes now. My son in Atlanta called tonight to say that it was snowing down there AGAIN, and he had a dusting, back around 9:00pm. What a huge amount of real estate this snow activity covered today including a good chunk of the south with at least some measureable. >>Edit again...just looked at radar and there seems to be another round solidifying to my southwest looking like it wants to head northeast over this way. I better go put my rain gauge back out on the table in case there's a little more there come morning.
  3. Central PA - January 2018

    Well, that heavy band quickly moved through and is moving through Harrisburg right now. Was great while it lasted. Just measured exactly 4.0" of accumulation. Unless some extra band forms it looks like just light snow for a while longer with little additional accumulation. Great Event, and biggest, so far, of this winter season. Enjoy everyone. Sorry for York/Lanc folks with this one. No doubt your time will come soon enough. We're not even 4 weeks into astronomical winter, yet we've had some pretty wintery conditions during this time. In the past 10 days I've had a low of -4 and a high of 68. That seems pretty impressive to me.
  4. Central PA - January 2018

    Up to 3.8" here as of a few minutes ago with like what Chris described....a heavy moderate to nearly heavy since I did pick up 0.9" between 8:00 and 9:00. Great event. Got my 4", so now onto 5"?? Temp holding steady at 29.5 degrees and not budging. Winds totally calm. Looks really beautiful out there tonight....and quiet! >>Edit....just looked at latest radar. Looks like the end of the really good stuff is closing in quickly. Might not make it to 5, but probably close to 4.5" when it wraps up. Will keep you updated...
  5. Central PA - January 2018

    At 7:00pm I have moderate snow and a temp of 29.5 degrees. I am measuring a total of 2.9" for the event so far. Expecting 4" and hoping to reach 5" (higher end of forecast range). Radar still looking good.
  6. Central PA - January 2018

    T/U Will check updated chart.
  7. Central PA - January 2018

    Sorry to sound stupid with this question...but are those numbers the expected storm totals from the start of the event, or the amounts expected beginning at 5:00pm until 7:00am tomorrow morning?
  8. Central PA - January 2018

    I trust them....I trust them....LOL! Especially since I am close to one of the jackpot zones.
  9. Central PA - January 2018

    Woke up to 0.2" of snow on the ground. Total liquid was 1.19". Now we're back below freezing continuously for the next 6 days (until next Friday afternoon). That's going to add tremendously to the total number of days to fail to reach 32 for a high. On to perhaps a small snow event on Tuesday??
  10. Central PA - January 2018

    Been watching the HRRR runs this evening. The most recent, coming out now, the 5Z shows that between 5:00am and 7:00am those west and north of MDT receive between 0.5" and 1.0" of snow. That's the first (hourly) run this evening to show anything more than a dusting in and around the LSV (mainly west of the Susky). We'll see if I wake up to a nice coating and white ground again after it all vanished in yesterday's "THAW"...short-lived as it was. The rapid decent of temps has slowed down dramatically in the last 15 minutes with my temp holding at 39.9 degrees for the time being. 'Nite all... PS>>Picked up a total rainfall for the event thus far of 1.07" of liquid. PPS>>Just noted a peak wind gust so far of 34.2mph back at 12:34am from the NNW.
  11. Central PA - January 2018

    Down 15 degrees to 42 since last post and falling rapidly. Winds NNE 15 gusting to 25 with moderate to heavy rain falling. The verbiage from NWS for me has changed slightly, now emphasizing a longer period of freezing rain before transitioning to sleet then snow. Saying the temps will drop below freezing within the next 4 hours (by 4:00am). Should be interesting to see what's going on here in the morning.
  12. Central PA - January 2018

    Windshift just happened five minutes ago...now NNW at 15 to 20. Temp at 55 and about to tank. Pressure bottomed out at 997. Btw, had a high of 67.5 degrees this afternoon in the sun. Supposed to be 60 degrees colder for tomorrow night's low here...WOW! Oh yeah, picked up so far about 0.70" of precip, but radar looks juicy to the south.
  13. Central PA - January 2018

    6Z Nam gives me 0.3" of ZR (WSW-worthy) ending with a coating of snow. I think the freezing rain potential down this way is looking pretty significant. Still more runs left for a tiny SE adjustment with more frozen and less freezing.
  14. Central PA - January 2018

    What appears to be the "last hurrah" for this event is pushing through right now. Moderate snow falling once again with temp holding at 22 degrees. 0.4" of snowfall total thus far. Might end up with 0.5" before it stops. Never had freezing rain during this event down here.
  15. Central PA - January 2018

    After a period of heavy snow with huge flakes, it has settled back to moderate snow, all snow now with no sleet. Accumulation 0.3" of new snow. Everything turning white again. Temp down to 21. Looks nice!