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  1. That's along what I was thinking, but are there GIS jobs to help do data mapping for Meteorology?
  2. Heavy rain in Middletown with some flakes mixing in.
  3. I'm considering returning to school for a GIS degree. I grew up loving meteorology and loving maps (of course!) I changed my mind at the last minute after being accepted to school for meteorology, mainly due to a boyfriend and not wanting to leave town....ah 18 year olds! In any case, I don't feel like my brain does math the same at age 40 and don't think heading into meteorology would be wise. I've been pondering GIS and wondering if that degree ever overlaps or has relevance in meteorology at all. Thanks!
  4. Around 9-10" here in Middletown with 4 hours of heavy sleet. Its a bear to shovel....sticky as all get out! Anyone bored?? Lol
  5. Very heavy now in Middletown! Currently 4" with 1.5" in the last hour.
  6. I see them too!!!! Calling 18" for between Middletown and Etown
  7. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like that.....its, ummmmm, exciting!
  8. All snow now at Middletown. Heavy enough that after 20 min. its starting to stick in patches.