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  1. Wow that’s amazing there was that much snow left up there. It is a high altitude. Yeah the ride up to the top is cool with all the twists and turns. Great views of McConnellsburg and beyond on that side. I’ll have to check out Greenbrier. Always enjoy checking out new parks
  2. That’s a nice little SP nestled in the mountains. Nice beach and trails. If you drive to the park from the rte 30 side there’s an incredible look out on a fire road to the right. The view is magnificent looking south towards Chambersburg and east towards Harrisburg.
  3. It’s like everything. People can’t wait to do things no matter what it is. They’re putting up Halloween decorations in September, Christmas trees up as soon as Halloween is over. Planting in March and early April. Then they can’t wait to get rid of it before it’s even over. A lot of people need that instant gratification. As soon as they achieve it then they’re on to something else. That’s why no one is ever satisfied with anything anymore. It’s a society of a lot of immature selfish individuals.
  4. The snow is far from gone. We still have March and the beginning of April. Who remembers snow showers mid May last year? It’s been a nice old fashioned winter like in the 70s. Still think there’s more to come
  5. Great area to look at the night sky and check out meteor showers. I still go up that way anytime there’s a meteor event
  6. C’mon man...it’s not that bad around here. We have great outdoor activities..biking and hiking, skiing, boating, hunting/fishing. We have one of the nicest minor league parks in baseball. Yeah there’s some marginal people around but where isn’t that? And it’s a pretty safe place to live. Good schools and a very nice PSU Altoona campus. Great shopping , restaurants and taverns. Check us out some time. You’ll like it..lol
  7. There’s some beautiful homes up there. New home construction has increased in that area the last couple years. There are some nice trails and state game lands up there. It’s nice because you’re close to Altoona but in the wilderness of beautiful mountains, streams and picturesque sunsets
  8. Beautiful! It’s a different world up there isn’t it? Always like going to the lookout during all the seasons. We use to go up there for meteor showers but there’s to much light up there now with the cell towers and buildings . Enjoyed the pics
  9. Great pics. You should take a ride up top of Wopsy. Looks similar to Blue Knob. Really beautiful with the snow on ice covering everything. The large pine trees covered with snow and ice are gorgeous
  10. Moderate snow falling in Altoona. Roads are crap. I’d say we have around 3” so far
  11. Just was outside. Coming down at a very nice rate right now. Quickly approaching an inch. Looks like this two parter could last well into tomorrow evening
  12. Starting to pick up pretty good over on the other side of the city Mag. I’m near 99. Covering cars now
  13. Give me a break. The pandemic has nothing to do with bad behavior. No one wants to take responsibility for their immaturity and selfish insecurities. If a foot of snow and wintry weather sets you off, you’re a lost cause