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Svr potential Monday July 6 2P-10P NY metro


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1 hour ago, Will - Rutgers said:

lol I am at work in NBR is it seriously dry in Piscataway?  NBR is getting pasted.

Is training the right word?  Trains move.

We did finally get a decent downpour here. Low end heavy rain for awhile that did get us up close to a quarter inch for the day. Nothing great, but at least enough to finally give the garden a decent watering.

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4 minutes ago, SnowGoose69 said:

The development just jumped east over the Bronx likely due to some sort of outflow.  I don’t think it’ll get onto Long Island but there’s so much going on now with the outflow I wouldn’t be surprised.  I hear thunder here in Merrick almost constantly now 

That storm is now dropping SE lol.  My post might age very poorly very quickly.

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25 minutes ago, etudiant said:

Moderate rain only on Manhattan UES, had been some thunder, but no intense downpours.

Gratefully accepted, the trees in Central Park were starting to feel the heat.

from what i expected it was a bust for my area of manhattan..

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