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  1. Yeh, you can see the Cape advancing to 78 ish. Even the 3k is to the Driscoll too. Maybe a few sneak into the lower boroughs ?
  2. 3K NAM and HRRR looks active tomorrow for Monmouth County.
  3. Let's all agree to keep politics out of here. The 1st one to wade into a non informative discussion goes. I am not pointing to anyone but this was one of the best cohesive disco's in a long time and it's gone. I know the adults in here can police this. This has had many turns and some like me in late February still weren't sure what this was. Now my position flipped 6 to 7 weeks ago and I am glad it did. I would really like to see us get to a resolution, I think the people who have been informative throughout deserve that.
  4. Whatever you guys have decided will be respected. I hope all of you stay safe. There's some great convalescent plasma and vaccine work going on. Let's hope we get there fast.
  5. Understood. I thought overall it was such an informative thread with really important information during this time. I was looking forward to the day we got a breakthrough in either a treatment and/or a vaccine. I think after all the hard work over the months by so many that it would have been a nice payoff for all those that kept it above the fray. Thanks for having me.
  6. All that great content just got flushed , so many contributions. Couldn't move it to the Science thread ? As an outsider I wanted to thank you guys for having me but I just wish some would reconsider.
  7. Hey man,


    I didn`t post the stats to take away from your real life experiences, I was only showing that we tend to kill who we live near more.

    But your experiences/ concerns are always going to be valid and I hope you did not take that as I was marginalizing them because that was not the intent.



  8. You can see it here Don, https://www.climate.gov/news-features/understanding-climate/may-2020-global-temperatures-tie-record-hottest
  9. The pool is heated and there isn't a cloud in the sky. Doesn't feel like 75 in the sun.
  10. 1.35 inches of rain so far and just pouring here. Colts Neck.
  11. The 1st cluster moves SW to NE, just not sure how far N, but I would not be shocked if that ticked NE. Then the 2nd line weaker could fire up on the back side.