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  1. Just had an Earthquake here peeps at 2 am.
  2. Being this strong a CAT 4 might as well be a 5. The destruction is going to be the same. I hope everyone gets out of the way. The pics on Friday will be devastating.
  3. I was just going to type if someone south of me saw a funnel I would not be shocked
  4. Got TOR warned here in Red Bank. So close, that hook echo passed right overhead Lightning was hitting everywhere. Lost power temp. What a sick storm.
  5. if this was a strong 3 in the SE ( NC landfall) , it would have hit the NJ shore and LI as a 2.
  6. This didn't really weaken on that jet. If it had 130 mph sustained with gusts to 150 slamming into NC from the S, the jet took this up so fast, that the center would have had max sustained 115/120 with gusts to 130/140. That's all it takes. You have 29c water all the way to Hatteras. This didn't fall apart, it weakened some by the time it got to 40 because it rocketed NNE. We are lucky DR was sitting there.
  7. Had this been a 3 in the SE, this would have been a devastating storm for the NJ coast and accross LI. Now you know how you could get a major up here, if it's a major in the SE and catches the jet just right and takes a track like this did, you would have seen a very ugly outcome