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  1. Snow has begun in Vernon up in Sussex County. Expecting 6-8 here
  2. Line coming thru here in Vernon. Gusts in the 30s with heavy rain and a few CTG strikes.
  3. Feel like these events always bust around here and we get the better severe days when it is unexpected. But we never seem to have an EML in our favor, so hopefully we can cash in.
  4. Irishmick9

    may 10-16 convection

    Small hail and decent amount of CTG lightning with that line up here in Vernon. Gusts in 30s
  5. Yep, can confirm snowing a good steady light snow now in Vernon. Intensified rather quickly. Fairly gusty here too
  6. Irishmick9

    March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    Yeah gonna be a battle all day for us NW peeps. Gonna be interesting where that cutoff sets up. Hopefully north of you
  7. Irishmick9

    March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    Nothing in Vernon in NW NJ. Dry air winning out as of now.
  8. Irishmick9

    Super bowl Snow to Rain OBS

    light snow with bursts of moderate snow with big flakes in Vernon Valley. Not sticking to pavement yet
  9. Storms fell apart up here. Barely a rumble of thunder. Rain moderate at best. Same ol story
  10. It's been great for yard work, but bad for my pool. Would prefer next few rains to be from some good thunderstorms or tropical threat. Been pretty boring
  11. This has to be a record for amount of summer days with prolonged periods of cloudiness. Can't remember last 3 day stretch without cloudy stretches throughout day
  12. 1.16 so far in Vernon..large batch incoming. Overperformer for once up here
  13. Yeah looks like part of Orange took the brunt and you got screwed. Most of region did. For once, winners here
  14. Enjoy the storm. Very close strikes, .87 of rain and gusts to 30+. Not severe but solid