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  1. Pea size hail storm in Vernon. Ground including roads completely whitened. Came in as hail and now ending as rain/graupel
  2. I don’t post often since weather is boring here in Vernon. Super pumped. Can see Mountain Creek from my house. They must be beyond pumped.
  3. Missed me by 2 miles as usual. Had one gust to 40 I would say. Looks like it is getting stronger heading into Bergen
  4. I am in the valley about 4 min from Mountain Creek and I had 2.15
  5. Very close lightning strike out of nowhere. Was not expecting that today. Sounded like a bomb.
  6. You like boring weather, you move up here. Heard two rumbles of thunder in distance. Yawn.
  7. .01 so far. Yet to have over an inch in any storm since Feb. You like boring weather, move to Vernon
  8. Not much lightning with this line in Vernon but winds gusted into 30s. Lights flickered. Louder roar of winds just missed me to my south
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