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  1. You like boring weather, you move up here. Heard two rumbles of thunder in distance. Yawn.
  2. .01 so far. Yet to have over an inch in any storm since Feb. You like boring weather, move to Vernon
  3. Not much lightning with this line in Vernon but winds gusted into 30s. Lights flickered. Louder roar of winds just missed me to my south
  4. About 6.5 inches in Vernon Valley. Several large branches down. 30 foot tree just came down in yard.
  5. Wet flakes mixing in at top of Highland Lakes on way home. Temp 37
  6. Pouring here in Sussex but no thunder as of yet with this first batch
  7. Which lake are you at? Curious as I am in the northern section of the county..missing everything to the south
  8. Tornado Warning for Sullivan Co
  9. Sun poking out in Morristown with mod rain...did not expect to see any sun today
  10. Temp dropped to 21.8 here. Light sleet. 3 inches on ground
  11. 2 inches. 21.5 degrees...mostly mod sleet with flakes mixing in time to time
  12. Sleet line has made its way to top of Sussex County. 20.7, more sleet than snow. Little over an inch so far.