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  1. It's been dry here as of late in southwestern Nassau. The last decent rainfall here was on September 24th.
  2. Storms fizzled out before reaching western LI. Yesterday we had a good soaking of rain for over an hour here. Also had loud thunder and lightning.
  3. Looks like the storms will miss just to my north unlike yesterday but I'll know soon.
  4. I saw that today..what's causing that? Fire?
  5. For anyone that's interested here's the radar loop which is from the radar site Weather Underground:
  6. Can anyone post a full radar loop of TS Elsie on Long Island? For some reason I can't see the past radar loop on Cod.edu. Thanks
  7. I've been watching storms on radar for over 20 years and that area in NJ often gets the strongest thunderstorms before they weaken. Storms will almost always weaken before hitting Southwest Nassau County or miss me completely. The better area for Thunderstorms in Nassau County is the north shore such as Port Washington, Westbury through Garden City.
  8. Hi, what Rain Gauge do you use and recommend? Thanks
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