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  1. Winds were absolutely ferocious here in Lynbrook from this storm. In 20 years of tracking thunderstorms I've never seen winds like that in a thunderstorm here. That's how rare Severe thunderstorms are on the south shore of Nassau County. Looking at the radar it looked like it was a bow echo for a short period of time, can anyone confirm?
  2. Not much rain for the South Shore of Nassau County with the first line of storms. I had about 0.19 inches of rain.
  3. Rained moderately for about 6 minutes. The heavy rain missed just to my north.
  4. No rain here since Tropical Storm Fay. It's getting really dry.
  5. Storms found a way to completely miss my area again. Only rained moderately for about 15 minutes here. Grass is brown.
  6. Again storms are missing to my east and west. had .10 of rain here for the whole day.
  7. Rained for about 15 minutes here today. Only got around .10 of an inch of rain. Last good soaking here was last Sunday. Not much rain Wednesday. Every day storms have been missing me to the west and east.
  8. Even worse I was almost in Lynbrook heading home from the city when the tornado hit and I was stuck inside a train . I couldn't really see what was going on from the train except that the sky was black and there was a lot of lightning. I didn't see the damage until I got off the train and the storm had passed. No thunderstorm like it has come even close to the severity in Lynbrook since then.