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  1. Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    Measured 2.5 inches from my outdoor table.
  2. Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    Grass is covered. No snow on streets yet.
  3. Let's Talk About SSW's as We Watch One Unfold

    For a person who's not well versed in meteorology may I ask what SSW is and what it means for our area? Thanks
  4. Jan 29/30 storm threat

    Snow bands pivoting backwards in Nassau County. Is this common?
  5. January 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Grass is covered and a little bit on the sidewalk.
  6. When will the winds be at their peak?
  7. Just a few drops here in southwest Nassau.
  8. Didn't get a drop of rain here. Both areas of rain missed me to the west and east. It hasn't rained here in 15 days. I'm hoping I get some rain tonight otherwise I'll have to go outside and water my plants.
  9. Strong winds knocked over some of my potted plants but so far not a drop of rain.
  10. Spring Banter Thread

    Yep, and his other works too.
  11. Spring Banter Thread

    No one knows how common the 1821 hurricane occurs. It could be a 200 year storm or 500 year storm or more. 6 years earlier in 1815 a hurricane makes landfall in Suffolk County with a track and intensity very similar to the 1938 hurricane as noted by David Ludlum. A category 3 hurricane making landfall in the center of long Island is probably more likely to occur than a category 3 directly over New York City or Nassau County.
  12. Spring Banter Thread

    Yes, is caused a lot of structural damage. Maybe it maintained it's strength the same way hazel did. I found some of the original newspaper articles of the hurricane for New York City. Links are here: New-York evening post., September 04, 1821, Page 2, Image 2 New-York evening post., September 05, 1821, Page 2, Image 2