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  1. Yep, and his other works too.
  2. No one knows how common the 1821 hurricane occurs. It could be a 200 year storm or 500 year storm or more. 6 years earlier in 1815 a hurricane makes landfall in Suffolk County with a track and intensity very similar to the 1938 hurricane as noted by David Ludlum. A category 3 hurricane making landfall in the center of long Island is probably more likely to occur than a category 3 directly over New York City or Nassau County.
  3. Yes, is caused a lot of structural damage. Maybe it maintained it's strength the same way hazel did. I found some of the original newspaper articles of the hurricane for New York City. Links are here: New-York evening post., September 04, 1821, Page 2, Image 2 New-York evening post., September 05, 1821, Page 2, Image 2
  4. The hurricane of September 1821 was estimated to have been a category 4 when it made landfall at Cape May New Jersey and a category 3 when it made a direct hit on New York City. It caused an incredible amount of damage there. The 1821 hurricane was probably the equivalent of the 1938 hurricane but a lot further west. Maybe someone could post a link to the newspaper articles from that time. About 10 years ago I found the newspaper articles from that time and it was definitely interesting reading through the type of damage the hurricane caused.
  5. I was 13 at the time but I do remember damage everywhere in Lynbrook in 1998 from the tornado. I don't think we've had a thunderstorm like that since then.
  6. Currently Heavy sleet mixed with snow. The sidewalks and street aren't covered in snow yet. Only the grass.
  7. Currently Snowing and sleeting in SW Nassau. Ground covered in sleet.
  8. 1.5" of snow here.
  9. 8.5" here. Still snowing here. Measured on flat table.
  10. 8" of snow here.
  11. 7 inches and moderate snow.
  12. Light snow in Lynbrook
  13. As an update the problem was isolated to my house.