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  1. Even worse I was almost in Lynbrook heading home from the city when the tornado hit and I was stuck inside a train . I couldn't really see what was going on from the train except that the sky was black and there was a lot of lightning. I didn't see the damage until I got off the train and the storm had passed. No thunderstorm like it has come even close to the severity in Lynbrook since then.
  2. Yep, had pea size hail here.
  3. Had hail in Lynbrook. First time I've seen that before here.
  4. Very heavy rain and some lightning but not much wind here.
  5. Great Neck is getting crushed. Storm heading for me is weakening.
  6. Had heavy rain for 10 minutes. Rain moved through really fast. My area has been very dry over the last 2 weeks so it's better than nothing.
  7. The rain's going to come real close for my area. A very slight shift north and misses me completely. The last soaking rain here was 2 weeks ago. Had only .17 of an inch of rain a few days ago.
  8. Finally got some rain. Pouring rain for about 5 minutes. I don't have to water my plants now.
  9. No rain here in 12 days. Figures the only storm heading for me would weaken. SW Nassau has really dried out.
  10. I think the rain is going to miss me to the north. It hasn't rained here in 10 days (since August 7th).
  11. Rains having a hard time pushing its way into Long Island.
  12. Storms popping up over the usual stomping grounds. No rain here today and very little yesterday. I'm hoping the rain to my west and north can make its way over here but I doubt that it will.