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2019/2020 Mountains and Foothills Fall/Winter Thread.

Tyler Penland

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1 hour ago, BooneWX said:

I want to apologize for the last two winters. I think I jinxed our chances last December during the big one. I joked with people after the storm that we had received enough snow for two years. Welp - super ironic now. 

This is the most depressing winter I have ever experienced, especially after living in VT for a number of years. Still holding at a trace on the year. The worst will be the long wait until next year.

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1 hour ago, kvegas-wx said:

Majority of the precip setting up west of the 85 corridor until later today.  Feel sorry for our mountain and foothill peeps this morning.  Its gonna get ugly quick.

Reminds me of early June this past year. Ugly isn't the word for it. It's been a torrential downpour in my area since 2-3 a.m. There hasn't been a single moment where I'd say the rain has been "light" since that point. 

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I've gone through the 3k nam run 7 times now and I sear that band completely skips Watauga and Ashe but snows around those counties lol

Yeah. Seems about right. Somebody stole a snow shield and put it up in Boone evidently.


Never in my life have I been so disappointed with a season. At least living down in GA I knew not to expect anything. Up here though?


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11 minutes ago, Phelps said:

Sucks for the ski resorts.  They had such good conditions last weekend.  They can deal with warm but 5 inches of rain is tough.   

Yeah.  Drove by Sapphire Valley yesterday on a tour of local waterfalls.  It was rather pathetic-looking.  There may not be any snow left at all after today's torrents.

Dry falls on the Cullasaja River was rip-rouring, though:


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