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  1. Low to mid 20s and the snow guns on Sugar and Beech are quiet. Guess they're throwing in the towel.
  2. I know winter isn't over in the high country yet and we'll see what happens the rest of February but right now it isn't looking too promising. If the next 2 weeks are anything like the last couple then it will be the 2nd February in a row with very little snow, even in the highest elevations. Frustrating.
  3. Really fine (as in small) flakes up where I am on Beech. Blow and drifting so it's hard to know how much I've got. It's not even accumulating on the elevated surfaces really, just blows away. Hoping to see some fatties at some point today. No snowmen will be created in this stuff.
  4. Yeah I'm headed up to Beech on Saturday. I'm not "worried" but I think there is a possibility the juicy part of the storm just doesn't make it up to that corner of the state. At least right now it doesn't look like mixing will be an issue. Plenty of time to hone in. Still pumped.
  5. Maybe a half inch where I am on Beech (4600'). Driveway just wet. Still snowing lightly but I guess this wasn't my storm. Thought I'd do better but I guess Ray did say east would do better than west.
  6. GSP and Blacksburg pulled back big time due to warm layer and mixing issues. I thought I could escape that problem on top of a mountain. I guess it's March though.
  7. RNK: "Enormous uncertainty in winter weather potential this weekend." GSP: "The short term is a complicated mess"
  8. Crazy to compare whats going up on top of beech vs my house down 1000' not far from the skislope base.
  9. AVL (Asheville, NC) - 0.5 GSP (Greenville/Spartanburg, SC) – 1.2 CLT (Charlotte, NC) - 1.3 GSO (Greensboro, NC) – 3.2 RDU (Raleigh, NC) – 2.0 DAN (Danville, VA) - 2.5 PGV (Greenville, NC) - 0.9 ORF (Norfolk, VA) – 1.1
  10. 34 in Beech (down from the top a little). Everything is dripping wet and its going to be in the 20s soon. Hunkered. I'm not expecting much snow but I'm sure it will sure look like winter in the morning.
  11. Came up to Beech ready for cold and dry. Snow certainly isn't accumulating but with the dusting and the rime ice everything is white. Thoroughly enjoying it.
  12. Compared to the mets and others on this board i don't know anything about the weather. But here in Charlotte this feels like deja vu. Sitting here waiting for the rain to change over to snow. Watching a stronger than expected warm nose give us sleet. Wondering why the radar returns don't look good any more (maybe not an issue with this particular storm). It just seems like no matter how good things look leading up to the event we revert to climo. It's snowing in the mountains. It's snowing north of 85. 85 (maybe 40 to the east) is the rain/snow line. We can watch models for days but is all seems to always come back to this.