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  1. We're about to transition from whining about lack of cold, to whining about lack of warmth. (at least until the sticky icky gets here)
  2. LOL. Sugar with 25 more inches than Beech. Looks like Gunther's ruler could be acting up again. Might want to get that thing checked out!
  3. I don't mean to downplay the threat of a significant ice storm but how long is this thing going to last? 12 hours? I was in Raleigh for the early 2000s ice storm and it just would not stop raining with temps in the mid 20s. Again, I do think a high impact ice event is in the making but some of these apocalyptic maps need to be taken with a grain of salt.
  4. Looks like we ended up at the lower end of the range. Couple inches at the house. Probably more at the top. I am certainly not complaining though. There is soooo much snow up here right now. It’s been a fantastic winter for us. And I’ll just say it’s been great for my sanity not to have to hope for snow in Charlotte. It hasn’t really snowed there since January 2018 and honestly feels like it might never snow there again. (I realize it will but boy it’s been bleak)
  5. Yeah 6-8 seems about right. Maybe closer to 6 where I am. It was still going to some degree when I left this afternoon. I was surprised. I also got stuck on the BMP trying to leave as they had to shut it down for 90 minutes to clean up a bad wreck. It was pretty dicey out there today. Thankfully it was a Tuesday.
  6. 4-5 inches of snow then .25”(?) of rain, and now it’s in the teens. Things are crunchy up here this morning. If we’re going to get to Ray’s 5-10 it better start snowing harder soon
  7. Appreciate the thoughts on Watauga. I'll be there to see whatever falls.
  8. Are the northern counties not in a good spot for this setup? RNK seems to be talking only a few inches for Beech and the GSP map looks to agree.
  9. Yep. Snow Saturday overnnight isn't as exciting when you wake up Sunday to rain. But a few days of nwf could be nice.
  10. Weekend is looking like it might be sloppy. Hopefully the Euro has the idea. But even if it doesn't work out Saturday and Sunday the NWF looks pretty good.
  11. From this morning up on top of Beech. Now 33 degrees (huh?) at the house (4500’)
  12. Yeah where the heck did that come from? A little frustrating as I was up there for 4 days to celebrate New Years and it never got below freezing. Then as I'm packing up it starts to snow unexpectedly. Certainly eyeing a quick return trip Thursday evening. Side note; I know many on this forum are well aware but man it was bustling up in the high country. I think you had almost everything booked up with folks on vacation then on top of that a lot of day trippers had the mountains on their minds as they heard about the White Christmas. The ski resort looked like chaos. I'm happy for the local businesses but also won't mind seeing things get back to "normal".
  13. Not to skip over today's event but any chance the Wednesday storm could be snow for the highest elevations? We've got a gulf low tracking up the coast and some cold air nearby. Just glancing at the global though and it doesn't look cold enough. Can't tell how close we are to something good.
  14. Flakes are flying up on Beech (via the webcams). has them with 8-12. Blacksburg office going 2-4. We'll see. Hate this couldn't line up better with Thanksgiving. I'll be watching this one from afar.
  15. Not saying the setup is the same here (maybe it is I don't know) but this feels a bit like last year right after Thanksgiving. That event underperformed and set the tone for the season. Maybe this year will be different!