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  1. Got home from work to find a couple of inches in the ridge on my property when I walked the dogs.. I know many of us didn’t get as much as we had hoped, but it snowed today. For this Winter, that’s ok.
  2. I'm at work in Canton and rates have finally increased enough to start sticking. Even the roads are starting to slush a little.
  3. The micro climates in our area is interesting. Just a mile or two in distance can make a huge difference in precip and temperatures.
  4. That's interesting. All of the temperature stations I've seen in Maggie are between 28-32.
  5. GSP just released a lengthy updated discussion which is worth reading. For what it's worth they've increased the forecasted snow amount imby from 2-4 inches to 3-5. Basically, as has been noted, the heaviest precipitation hasn't arrived yet.
  6. Yes they are, I've been checking in over there as well. Radar returns to our west are amped up as well.
  7. On my morning walk around Maggie. Light flakes falling with a slight NE wind. I can smell the paper mill a little. You Haywood County folks know that’s a good sign. Good luck y’all!
  8. A Murphy to Manteo event would be awesome. The way this Winter has gone for most of us so far, it would be poetic justice.
  9. At work in downtown Canton and the snow is coming down at a steady clip.
  10. Unfortunately radar returns have filled back in to the west.
  11. Yeah, even though this Winter has been beyond disappointing so far, if you have lived in this area for any length of time you know we still have two more months for something to hit. I actually kind of like the back half of Winter events, freezing rain is less of a worry and with the changing dynamics in the atmosphere as we get closer to Spring, the chances for some thunder snow increases as well. Plus, just the law of averages says we get at least one legitimate event. I'm not going to quit on Winter on January 30.