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  1. Looks like another squall line of thunderstorms is developing in SW part of our region.
  2. Par for the course this season. Of course, these unexpected precip sytems never seem to pop up when we have cold air in place.
  3. Congratulations on running that, that’s a fantastic achievement. It takes a different breed of athlete to accomplish that run.
  4. Yep, watching the the Pigeon River right now, it's as full as a tick. Also, looking at the rain falling now and the radar returns to our west, it seems to me precipitation rates are going to be higher than what the forecast is calling for.
  5. Congratulations, Haywood County is a great place to live. The Smokies and Balsams help to create some fascinating weather situations around here as well. Enjoy!
  6. While I would like the snow, accumulating snow followed by heavy rains the next few days after would just add fuel to the already potent flood danger.
  7. What a strange Winter. Normally if you told me that in mid-February my snow total for the season thus far would be 10 inches more that what Boston, MA has received, I would would say we're having a heck of a Winter. Not this year. Oh well, let's get ready for another 7 days or so of not needed rain.
  8. It's really too bad that the airport is used as the official weather station for Asheville. The difference between downtown Asheville and Fletcher can be huge, especially in the Winter.
  9. I manage the ABC store. Us and Ingles are the most popular places in town when snow is in the forecast. Everyone stocks up on the three essentials, bread, milk and liquor!
  10. Nice steady snow across Haywood County on my drive from Maggie to Canton. Sticking to the grass but roads are fine so far.
  11. Looking over at the TN Valley forum, they were ready to give up on the event over an hour ago when the temps crashed and snow rates have really cranked up Knoxville to the east. I’m hoping that some us gan score a few inches out of this.
  12. Yes, The Fines Creek/Crabtree areas usually hit the jackpot in NW flow events.
  13. As Met mentioned, a nice little snow accross Haywood County last night through this morning. Very nice to wake up to this view this morning.
  14. Here's the little glaze we had last night. Stayed confined to trees as the roads around here just stayed wet. Not much I know, but I won't be surprised if it's several more years before we see freezing rain again in Maggie.