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  1. I know models are wavering a bit, but still not a bad look at KAVL on the 6z GEFS. This one is far from over.
  2. 12z EPS snowfall avg was a sizable increase at KAVL. Nearly doubled from the 0z. This is going to be a very dynamic storm.. and lingering backside moisture will make things fun again Monday! I am looking forward to tracking this one! .
  3. If any of you are interested, HT, Met1985, and I are going to have a live chat about the upcoming flooding threat for WNC on Facebook live at 7:30. Here the link https://www.facebook.com/Ashevillewx/
  4. I think you have to upload them to YouTube then copy the link and it will automatically embed it.
  5. Rain/snow mix falling at my place in southeast Asheville. Winds are really picking up.
  6. 3km NAM has the switchover occurring around 7-8am in the highest elevations of Swain Co. Switchover should occur around noon-2pm for locations around 4000’.
  7. 3km Nam is a hammer job for the higher elevations along the NC/TN border. Wouldn't be surprised to see somewhere (Clingmans Dome) get over a foot. Good luck to those of you in the higher elevations. Thinking that we see some flakes make it into Asheville as well with winds gusting to 40mph tomorrow night.
  8. Got 7”-8” total here in southeast Asheville, after switching to sleet early Saturday morning. Looking forward to the next one!
  9. Flurries falling here at my place off Highway 74 near Reynolds High. .
  10. Wow, 75” a year is classified as rainforest. You are nearly double that(or 55” above rainforest classification).. astonishing.
  11. Got a couple of live cameras up on my site for those interested in watching the event unfold. Downtown Asheville Live Camera: https://www.ashevillewx.com/gtadowntownashevillecam Candler/Mt Pisgah Live Camera: https://www.ashevillewx.com/mt-pisgah-live-camera
  12. 3km NAM shows 10” at KAVL by midnight tomorrow.
  13. Hvward

    December 8-10, 2018 Winter Storm

    Here’s my most recent forecast map.
  14. There better be a hell of a lot of energy to melt at 700mb, if GSP is basing their forecast on the skew-t.