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  1. Got a few shots from Roan this morning. https://www.ashevillewx.com/weatherupdate/2020/5/8/may-snow-coats-nc-high-country-photo-gallery
  2. Buckethead and I have been trying to get a webcam up at the Country Club in Wolf Laurel. I have the whole setup, just need a commitment. Would be a moving 4-5 view 1080HD camera that operates year round. Going to send some follow up emails about that, seemed that it had really good potential at one point in time.
  3. I slipped on ice on my deck this morning. I am currently over May. Frosted at my house this morning... 2200’ and a mile from the French Broad. My thermometer said 31.
  4. Well so the long range GFS even brings May snow showers to the valleys next Saturday night. Seriously WTF, I want to plant my tomatoes...
  5. Just saw this thread, but GFS shows a stout ULL to begin April like others have stated. Love how we get these setups at the end of winter instead of January...
  6. NAO & AO finally going negative of course. Looks like a long period of cold is going to keep me from starting all the veggies that aren't frost tolerant in my garden. I am hoping we don't get a deep freeze because my strawberries, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, mulberries, and blackberries are all beginning to leaf out. A deep frost now would be devastating to many local farmers.
  7. Looks like a mega high pressure will build in late this weekend and provide a strong CAD setup for Sunday into Monday. Could have some mixing around WNC. Both Euro and GFS show the potential. CMC shows a coastal developing with this one, so this has my interest. Will be interested to see where it goes.
  8. Starting to see some snow flurries here in North Asheville.
  9. 18z NAM suite is warm, and most of the precip stays to the South with the initial thump. Backside still looks decent though above 3500'.
  10. 6z NAM is a tad bit warmer and that makes all of the difference. Let’s see what the 12z runs day, but it’s about time to start leaning on the 3km.
  11. Anybody watching the NAM? Another 3”-4” event for Asheville Thursday afternoon and into the night. Not really sure what to think. Absolutely nothing else shows this. Looking at the soundings the column around Asheville goes frozen right as the heavy precip moves in. Weak LP keeps that warm nose down. Cold air source is very meager. That’s the problem here, but NAM says it’s enough.
  12. Sorry to hear about your mom buddy. Hope her recovery is quick and painless!
  13. Yeah Euro isn’t the King anymore. If the NAM nails this one I will start calling it the king. 12km 18z NAM run just gave KAVL 3.5” on the kuchera maps... has a perfect snow sounding around 11am Thursday.
  14. 12z Euro is basically a complete whiff for everyone.
  15. Could be. Not sure how that trailing precipitation is going to act. All depends on the phase and when it occurs. GFS has it moving in around 8am so I guess we shall see.