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  1. Nam & Nam 3km are both showing some higher elevation snow showers across SW WNC Friday afternoon/evening. Might have a tongue of overrunning precipitation that the models are struggling to pick up on enter the area sometime on Friday. Something to watch, especially if you live above 3500'.
  2. Couldn’t get this to load earlier but this is the entrance to a neighborhood in Asheville where I am about to build 3 homes. Went over there to stake them out this morning and this was the view!
  3. Some surprises wintry precip happening across MS, AL, & GA. Sitting here wondering if that sneaks into the SW mountains later tonight. Models have it drying up, but we know how that goes sometimes. Thinking someone might at least see a snow shower from it tonight.
  4. Looks to be snowing already per my Maggie Valley Camera. I think several get in on the snow action today.
  5. Still looking at a chance for some snow showers around the area Monday night and into Tuesday.
  6. The radar looks really nice. That deformation feature is already looking beefy!
  7. Might have to adjust that a bit tomorrow. Such a tough forecast. Here’s the 18z Euro. .
  8. There will be a struggle to model where the deformation feature sets up. That could be what the NAM is attempting to resolve.
  9. I am looking at a lot of paste bomb soundings right now for Thursday night and early Friday morning. Wonderful dynamics for heavy, wet snowfall. Model totals kept increasing today. EPS and GEFS means up around 6” for KAVL.
  10. Yep! 3 chances at snow for many over the next 10 days. Good times friends.
  11. Friday into Saturday could be a legit threat. Temps are going to be borderline, but it looks like the ULL could help get it done here in the mountains of WNC. GFS just dropped 4” of snow at KAVL.
  12. Interesting setup coming here on Friday and into next Saturday. Still looking for some cohesiveness among models, but all three major models show some form of snowfall for many around WNC during the mentioned time frame. The EPS is actually very bullish for this event. Its all going to depend on that ULL capturing the surface low as it transfers. One of these situations is bound to work out in our favor. Eventually if we get enough ULL's to come through one will catch a surface low and we will be in business. Main takeaway is that a -NAO is poised to develop and that will significantly increase our chances for a low to stall as it transfers. From what I see, we will have several chances for ULLs to move through with surface lows in favorable positions for a SE snow over the next 3 weeks. Should be some fun times of tracking!
  13. Interesting trends on the GFS with the ULL capturing the LP as it transfers from the Gulf to the Atlantic. The 12z just spit out a couple of hours of snow showers for Sunday. Something to watch... especially for the higher elevations.
  14. One more shot from my garden and the house above. Merry Christmas everyone!
  15. Checking in with 6” here in the Alexander Community! Still snowing.