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  1. Lots of dynamic involved Saturday. Omega values should allow snow to reach the ground in many locations.
  2. SREF avg up over 1” for KAVL. I think we will at least see a snow shower around WNC tomorrow am. System already looks stout on radar with ip being reported in ETX.
  3. Yeah precip shield just needs to blossom a bit more, but 500mb low dips under the Apps and goes slightly negative tilt. Any more and it would pull the whole precip shield into WNC. Lots of interesting dynamics with this one, I think it’s going to be a nowcast(cliché).
  4. Euro moves towards the gfs solution.. only token flakes for WNC at the onset. Will be interesting to see the EPS. .
  5. 12z EPS average snowfall totals increase for WNC. KAVL Up from around 1" to just under 4". Boone avg also up to just under 4" and Franklin 12z EPS shows around 3" on average. 15 members(30%) at KAVL show 6"+.
  6. 12z Euro just dropped a foot for most in WNC. Not sure how legit it is, haven’t had a chance to analyze the thermals yet.. but this certainly has my attention. .
  7. GFS, ICON, & Euro all seeing a strong upper level low moving through the Southeast and bringing the chance for accumulating snow to WNC. I think that this threat has legs. Think back to April 10th, 2003. These upper level lows can do wild things. I am ready for spring, but one last snow wouldn’t hurt my feelings whatsoever.
  8. Snowflakes mixing in with rain currently in East Asheville.
  9. Timing looks to be a littler later now, but still a lot of details to be hammered out. Think the higher elevations get raked though, especially if that low begins to bomb out 6-12 hours sooner.
  10. Late Wednesday night into Thursday looks interesting with the ULL moving through.
  11. Hmmm.. 18z GFS picking up on some overrunning precip? Every models except for the Euro has shown these blips of precip popping into WNC on Tuesday. It is noteworthy, and shouldn’t be ignored.
  12. I am becoming increasingly interested in the possibility for snow showers on Tuesday around WNC. Should get some agreement among models this weekend.
  13. Heavy precip moving into the area over the next few hours, could see some snowflakes mixing in around Asheville. Some surprises in store with this one I believe.