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  1. Interest setup as well Wednesday morning, GFS has trend two degrees cooler over the past couple of runs around AVL. Looks like a slight warm nose could allow a quick burst of snow to reach the surface. NAM had snowfall for many but 3km NAM didn’t show the same profile. Will be interested to see how the 0z NAM suited come in here soon.
  2. Good spot to be for this weekend’s storm. Who knows, I’ve seen crazier trends. That northern stream could very well carry a bit more moisture. Models are showing specs of precip. Something to certainly watch.
  3. Looks like some freezing rain/snow showers will be possible along the Escarpment tomorrow morning. Something to watch.
  4. I am here at Primland Resort just west of Stuart. Will be interested to see if this verifies!
  5. Looks like you guys are in for some fun Saturday and into Sunday! I won’t be sitting this one out but I have a weekend planned at Primland Resort in SW VA. Looks like we could get several inches there as well. Here’s to hoping everyone cashed in!
  6. 2.5” at my house in Alexander, still snowing pretty hard. That makes 10” total for me this season. .
  7. I have a light to moderate snow falling now here in Alexander.
  8. Winds will increase rates later this afternoon/evening. Patiences..
  9. Snowing pretty good here in Canton currently.
  10. Wow HRRR shows a couple of feet of snow for Mt. Leconte & Clingmans Dome Area. I am thinking Waynesville, Canton, Weaverville all the favored NWF valleys are going to get clocked here. Another 1"-3" is possible through tomorrow even in Asheville. This flow is serious and means business. Not sure I have ever seen the models throw out 3'+ totals in the Smokys, but that's what is happening right now. HRRR & Nam 3km.
  11. Looks like another burst of snow will be possible for most from 1-3am. Might as well stay up if you've made it this far.
  12. A nice dusting already at my house in Alexander! I love how quick it stuck, no wasted accumulation.
  13. Should be a fun evening, tongue of precip looks good on radar and I have ribs on the smoker with a popped top already. Hope everyone gets a surprise!
  14. Yeah that cold air could lock it for a couple more hours. Wouldnt be surprised to see you wake up to a couple of crusty inches Sunday morning.
  15. Looking at soundings on the HRRR and NAM 3km, there is a considerable difference on early Sunday morning. It does appear that the tongue of precip will move through initially around 3pm-5pm, and that will persist in the northern area of WNC through 10pm or so. Most of that will fall as snow. But I don't think it accumulates. Then the soundings differ. NAM 3km has a bit more pronounced warm nose at the onset of precipitation early Sunday morning. HRRR is not as cold, but doesn't have the pronounced warm nose. I see a couple hours of snow possible early Sunday even for valley locations. Then a mess will ensue it looks like. Hoping the HRRR is right and its a bit warmer because ice is not very fun.