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2024 Foothills Thread


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2 minutes ago, ncjoaquin said:

Lol. I like all these guys, but at 2200 feet, I am a mountain guy ... without the mountain results lately. I appreciate the invite. I will bounce back and forth. 

No worries man. I was just spitballing locations 

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5 minutes ago, wncsnow said:

Maybe I won't get ridiculed for posting models that don't show the most snow here? 

You’re good - this is the foothills thread. It’ll always consist of more of us getting screwed than winning BUT when we win, we’re popping the champagne in this thread. 

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4 minutes ago, CAD_Wedge_NC said:

Sitting at a bone-chilling 47 degrees .... If you look at those radar returns, and you did not have any models to looks at, you would swear that it was heading our way. Weather systems just don't move like they used to.

What’s the other board everyone keeps referring to? 33andrain or SouthernWX??

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