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  1. hopefully ill see a few flakes fly in Lenoir.....wish me luck!
  2. this is also when we began seeing the 2018 storm pop up.... it brings excitement but still a long ways to go.
  3. Radar looks juicier than the models show... especially in the foothills... this is definitely going to be a nowcast situation
  4. From one of the local guys on FB... this is for the foothills.
  5. We are fine in the foothills... trust me.
  6. This is just terrible.... cant get anything going for us.
  7. 29th storm has NW Trend all over it.
  8. This is just depressing... its like the cold air floods in after every storm... no linking up at all.
  9. Hey a storm to bring in the new year followed by cold! 2020 is our year!!!
  10. Jan 2nd.... looks like we are below freezing all day... and moisture is to our south.... start of something good???