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2019/2020 Mountains and Foothills Fall/Winter Thread.

Tyler Penland

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15 minutes ago, Met1985 said:

Ended up with about 1.5 inches here. Further toward Balsam really got it good. A nice wintery ass appeal for the day. 

We had more than 2” when I last got an update from the wife a couple hours ago. See how much I measure when I get home in 2 hours, hopefully there’s still some of that appeal left :lol:

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Back in Haywood County picking up dinnsr, can see clouds pushed up against the Balsams and Smokies squeezing out all the moisture they can (wife said it still feels like the house is in a snow globe).  Feel good about my chances of pulling into 3”+ and breaking the 6” mark for the season.  Only about 15-20” to go to hit what I’m estimating the average for our area is, doubt we get there but I’m sure I’ll be trout fishing and turkey hunting in the cold all during April. 

ETA:  Looks like 2” (maybe 2.5” if there was compaction/sublimation between when it stopped accumulating and now when I measured) seems to be what we got, thought for sure we’d be at 3” from the pics I got earlier from my wife with it still snowing and already having what looked to be 2”.  Oh well, make it 5-5.5” for the season.  

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