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  1. Was not expecting this at all today. Still coming down hard. Everything besides roads are whitening up nicely
  2. Ripping in Boone right now!!
  3. 00z nam looks like it drops a couple inches near the border.
  4. Really coming down and the wind is crazy
  5. Snow has stopped here in Boone for the past 10 min. look like those bands to our west are fallng apart.
  6. Congrats!! Just light snow here. Hopefully picks up soon.
  7. Radar looks good for us though. Good bands look to roll through in the next hour
  8. Absolutely ripping in Boone right now. Big Flakes
  9. I have my eye on that as well. Currently looking pretty good.
  10. Pretty depressing "event" so far. Almost just ready to say bring on spring
  11. Yeah the last two winters just haven't been in our favor here in Boone. I have two more winters up here before I graduate so hopefully one of those will atleast be an average snowfall year.
  12. Just checked the blowing rock downtown webcam. Amazing difference between Boone and there. Nice dusting on everything and coming down steadily.
  13. 12z gfs looks much better than the 6z for sunday/monday
  14. Not that it matter but the 00z nam is a little better for the northern border counties
  15. 00z gfs look even better than the 18z. Great trends for us mountain folks