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  1. Heaviest snow of the event. Wow!!
  2. Really coming down in boone!! Radar looks great
  3. Just under 8" and still coming down nicely. Great event for all of us. Hopefully we can squeeze out a little bit more with the NWF.
  4. Radar is looking less than stellar for the next few hours
  5. Just went out measured and had an average of around 4" in Boone.
  6. Radar is looking great to the SW. Really thinking this one over performs for most of us
  7. I know its pointless to look at the gfs at this point in the game but boy is it a pretty look for all of us
  8. Coming down very nicely now. Everything is starting to whiten up.
  9. Snow has just started to fall here in boone
  10. I agree. Looks very impressive on radar
  11. Nws only going with 2-4 for boone. Have to think after the latest guidance we're looking at a bit more. Good luck to everyone!
  12. Wow great run for all of of WNC So are we actually buying this gfs solution?
  13. Okay thanks for the information!
  14. What are your thoughts with the trajectory of the precipitation for the northern mountains? I know the southern mountains will cash in great with this storm but others have mentioned the trajectory of the moisture could be problematic for us further north. thanks
  15. I think all of the mountain folks will take this run!!