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  1. Looks a little more than heavy flurries on the king street cam
  2. I am off of exit 289 and had about 2-3 min of heavy rain and hail and then completely stopped. Lost power momentarily and went back to a mist. Very weird how I had hardly anything with how impressive that line looked
  3. Enjoy your last few months up there man. I left last May and live in the triangle now and would move back in a heartbeat if I could.
  4. 12z GFS shows a little back end snow on halloween for the higher elevations.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I'll definitely have to look at those options. Really wish I could move back to Boone but just not many job opportunities there.
  6. After moving to Raleigh after going to school at App. Looking to move back to the mountains. I've been looking at areas that would be commutable to Asheville. Any recommendations for areas to look? Would like to live in a smaller town and of course the colder and snowier the better.
  7. Wow lightning and thunder right now in boone. Really surprised me
  8. Really hoping we start as snow with those returns to the south coming out way
  9. Kind of surprised no one is talking about the last few runs of the gfs and FV3. Shows some good accumulation for some of us in the mountains before the changeover to freezing rain and then rain.
  10. Are you buying the HRRR at all? Keeps us as snow for a decent amount of time
  11. 12z Gfs delivers the goods 12+ for a large portion of the central and northern mountains.
  12. They were just discussing totals and said they felt 20" was a very good bet