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  1. Wow lightning and thunder right now in boone. Really surprised me
  2. Really hoping we start as snow with those returns to the south coming out way
  3. Kind of surprised no one is talking about the last few runs of the gfs and FV3. Shows some good accumulation for some of us in the mountains before the changeover to freezing rain and then rain.
  4. Are you buying the HRRR at all? Keeps us as snow for a decent amount of time
  5. Thought we would start out as snow. Kinda surprised
  6. 12z Gfs delivers the goods 12+ for a large portion of the central and northern mountains.
  7. My average of measurements was 12".
  8. They were just discussing totals and said they felt 20" was a very good bet
  9. just over 10" now. Short range models are still giving us over an 1" of precip today. Think we may make a run at 20" if all goes right
  10. Anywhere from 6.5-7 for my last measurement of the night. Really liking the trends on the short range for tomorrow.
  11. I know its kinda late to look at the nam at this point but man does it look sweet for us.
  12. No not at all I always worry about the radar when it gets to gametime. and I'm out on 105 by the bypass.
  13. Radar looks great. Our rates will really go up in the next hour or two.