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January Banter 2019

George BM

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54 minutes ago, Bob Chill said:

All the sh!t ticky tack penalties all year in the NFL and they don't call PI on a felony assault interference on the Rams? Disgraceful

That was bad, but you watch enough football and there are are missed calls like that in nearly every game, and all parts of the game. Unfortunate for the Saints for sure. One could say they are home and had a 13 point lead and all the momentum, and the outcome really should not have hinged on a missed call, and its not like that ended the game. They still went up by 3. How about playing a little D with very little time left? How about getting it done in OT?

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2 minutes ago, North Balti Zen said:

CAPE - the issue there is it literally cost them the game. The simple and obvious call gets made, and the saints can kneel twice, Rams can’t stop the clock, and it is a chip shot field goal to go to the super bowl and the rams never touch the ball again. Beyond egrigous.

I know. I acknowledge that. It sucks for the Saints given the magnitude and the point in the game that it occurred. Maybe the NFL will wake up. Or not. Or maybe this S is rigged.

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Had a great time this weekend. Son did good yesterday learning to ski and was a trooper in the cold. Sleet only mixed in for a couple hours so it didn’t so too much damage. About 18” on the mountain. ~12” in Rutland. Heading home tomorrow. Not feeling like dealing with the mess on the highways south of here from the ice tonight. 


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