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  1. Quick rain shower just woke me up too.
  2. I just got a phone alarm tornado warning in Gambrills, MD. Kind of like those amber alert ones
  3. It marched right through our backyard. Got swirly winds, pounding rain, and tons of lightening. Looked like a bad scene for maybe 15-20 minutes. Kiddos all woke up and went downstairs. Too dark to see tree branches and such right now
  4. How does that cell look now, I appear to be right in its path just north of Crofton
  5. That’s funny, my memory of them from 2004 was at umbc as well. I remember jogging around the loop one evening seeing them emerge out of the ground and I got down on all 4’s to watch. A cop pulled over asking me what the hell I was doing... he then got out and started watching them come out of ground as well.
  6. A taproom just opened down the street from me: https://phermbrewing.com/ They have two sours on the list, but I’m not familiar yet. Maybe I’ll check it out tonight after the gym so I have something to drink tomorrow.
  7. What would cause heavy ice secretion? I had steady rain and 29 last week and the ice was minimal. I figured it was raining too hard for buildup? Do you get more ice with lighter precip?
  8. Frz rain coming down moderately now. Had to scrape windshield of car.
  9. It appears to be wrapping up here in Anne Arundel county. Temp never went below 32.8 and there was only a coating of snow, not all pavement ever became covered. Rain and snow battleground. It looks like precip hole moving in and that’s all she wrote for this. I don’t remember reading that this area would lose out to temps, so it’s a bust here.
  10. Snow quickly taking over. 35 degrees was a good bit of moderate rain earlier
  11. One of my favorite storms as well. My dog was on WBAL tv news for looking out the window at the snow. There were also a ton of accidents, I remember walking around and photographing some of them for be drivers and emailed.
  12. Rather heavy frz rain in odenton Gambrills. Wish it was snow
  13. I just looked outside and there is quite a layer of ice on everything. I’m now wishing I didn’t shovel the driveway around 7pm. It’s a sheet of ice now. currently 30 and frz drizzle falling again. Even if I get in on coastal here in Anne Arundel county, I’m having doubts on cold enough for snow. I really didn’t expect this much ice, it’s not good.
  14. Not really good accumulating snow either. It’s been snowing here since 8am and maybe barely 3” to show for it.
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