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  1. Haven’t had a chance to look into this one... I see the severe chances, just started gentle raining here in Gambrills. When are the temps supposed to drop? Any chance of squalls after frontal passage? Tomorrow?
  2. Took a few Dr. Halverson classes at umbc for a geography degree maybe 15 years ago. Assuming it’s the same person?
  3. Does anyone have any weather related tattoos?
  4. They didn’t do anything to the Titans, who kept having side practices. edit: they were fined 350k
  5. In Gambrills, thunderstorm was legit. Heavy thunder and lightening, intense rain, hail knocking on the windows. The wind hyped up for a good 15 minutes. definitely a nervous 15-20 minutes in our house with big trees out back. 440am, woke the house up.
  6. Again? First time they’ve beat the caps this year. .... and hardly a waxing
  7. 38.6 here and it’s currently sleeting
  8. I’m right in the middle of the cluster of lightning, but don’t hear much thunder at all. A few here and there but nothing compared to the strike indications. Heavy rain (for several minutes now). Wind was light, but mostly calm now.
  9. Thanks, that helps. I suppose I still have to worry about the plane arriving at our gate though. Taking the kids to Disney and I’m already nervous about flying with super young kids, delays will be tough.
  10. I don’t fly too often, is there a threshold for flights getting cancelled for ground wind speed? Leaving BWI tomorrow with little kids around 11am. Was wondering if the wind advisory will ruin our chances of taking off on time?
  11. I think much of the disappointment or resentment in my head stems from some of the good long term pattern analysis that never materialized.
  12. Wired magazine has an article about the FV3 and some complaints. Often a ton of discussion on models, so it’s interesting when that discussion hits mainstream.. Wired Magazine GFS-FV3 storm of protest
  13. Same with Harford Co. Dropping like flies.
  14. I just walked outside, very light ice glaze on surfaces, but I’m at 32.1 right now. Precip is coming down at a decent rate, I’d imagine it’s all rain.
  15. Decent dusting of snow, some sleet, now some mix fz rain... 31.5 and rising. AAco probably entirely above freezing in an hour or two. Schools may even open on time. Nothing shocking here, but was hoping to hear stories of staying frozen longer, seems the consensus is temps rising fast.