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  1. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    It might be the right decision. I am on Rt. 32 and my 10 minute commute has taken 45. Slid in truck twice, ramps are bad. There have been emergency vehicles every mile or two. I don’t think it matters how much snow is on ground, when its slick, it’s slick. They’ve closed for more favorable conditions in the past. Though, it has greatly improved since the snow let Up, maybe 2hour delay woulda sufficed. Either way, tough call imo.
  2. Jan 16/17 light snow event.

    Flurries in Gambrills
  3. January Mid-Long Range Disco

    I got desperate and read some "other" weather forums while the board was down. There was mentioning of the L riding up the bay and some were surprised that with this type of setup, there is usually a transfer to the coast, but that was not happening. They gave theories on why... any truth? (for the Fri/saturday)
  4. January Banter String

    Where did everyone go!?!?
  5. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    I guess its coming? I'm in Gambrills/Odenton off Waugh Chapel / Dairy Farm and made this video 15 minutes ago. IMG_7471Trim.mp4
  6. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    I live on Dairy Farm Road in Gambrills and I definitely see flurries. Right under a dark dark blue on radar.
  7. January Banter String

    Its just frustrating because some of us have been here a very long time. This board started in Nov2010 I believe, but its predecessor (EasternWX) goes back even further. Back in the day, people would get ridiculed for posting pointless stuff. Thats why I only post when its slow or in the banter threads OR even in Obs threads during a storm. Now everyone is too friendly. I wish a legacy poster would call people out again.
  8. JAN 4th Coastal

    Was it presidents day? I feel like it was January, on a Saturday. Thats another thing... I always like that giddy feeling that school gets closed or work get sent home. Nothing better than a buzz around the office before a snow event. You don't have that on the weekend snows. (just a personal preference). Either way, that was two years ago, its been a while... My youngest kid is a year and a half and hasn't been out to play in snow yet.
  9. January Banter String

    I added my first user to the ignore list today, really couldn't handle the posts in the Jan4th thread. User signed up this morning and was off to the races... nobody has called him/her out yet either. Maybe its just me.
  10. January Banter String

    but how much Enron stock did you own?
  11. December Banter String

    They are sometimes helpful when accompanied with the panels and analysis. Sometimes it gives good visual context to the discussion. I really like the box graphs that people have been posting to give context to the ensembles.
  12. Dec 8/9 Obs and discussion (Showme's) Storm

    Well Hopefully when you wake up next at 11am, you’ll have to get that blade waxed and ready.
  13. Dec 8/9 Obs and discussion (Showme's) Storm

    The Baltimore Advisory says midnight.... Seems like everything is getting ramped up just south. What time should it get started at BWI?
  14. December 8/9th Storm - STORM MODE THREAD

    Is there consistency in the timing for the "heavier" bands? Still dark early morning hours or into the daylight? We always throw sun angle out there, but in December probably not as much of a concern. Ofcourse, dark hour snow = maximum efficiency.
  15. December 8/9 wave

    Welcome! He’s still around here, was chirping a bit during the presidential campaign last year. His profile says he was signed in last week. When you see a icon pic of Bill Murray in ghostbusters pop up, that’s him. Appreciate fellow lurkers, but one recommendation is to post general comments in the banter thread and keep this thread clean for analysis and reports. If this storm does keep ramping up, mods will eventually put this in “storm mode” and moderate messages that lack analysis/forecast. welcome aboard!