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  1. Well, that verbatim would be good for the ski areas, at least. And they desperately need it.
  2. 21/16 in Loudoun at 1am... feels like it outside, too. Hard to believe I am waiting on a rain/sleet storm.
  3. Loudoun County in VA usually does well, similar to areas Maryland like Carroll. It varies some year to year, but I lived in Carroll County in the 90s and Loudoun for the last 12 years or so and found the performance on big storms and marginal events to be similar. I was here during the famed "snoquester" fail for DC and we did 8"+ while areas 15 miles east got rain.
  4. I'm just on the eastern edge of that cell, it's pretty windy here.
  5. Under it right now. Rain, some wind but nothing spectacular, a little thunder, no lightning.
  6. It certainly doesn't compare to the December event where most of Loudoun got a foot.
  7. That's a lot of sleet! (apparently an artifact of the forecast changing from "snow and sleet" to "freezing rain and sleet")
  8. Not really buying that. I get the idea that any CAD would scour out more quickly (or never exist at all) at 3200 feet, but we're not talking about CAD with the snow scenario, and even if sea level at that latitude is in the 40s, it seems unlikely that the huge different in elevation would result in so much less accumulation in Tucker than in Garrett. In the vast majority of scenarios, Canaan sees more accumulation than Garrett (though there are certainly some exceptions).
  9. Do you do anything but complain? Not enough rain in the summer, not enough snow in the winter.
  10. Had plans to go to Canaan, really hard call on what it's going to be like up there. They've gotten rain from a bunch of storms in Dec but above 3,000 feet there might be enough cold for this not to be a total disaster. I like the 2-8 inch forecast... reallly you could almost say 0-12" because it could easily bust high or low up there.
  11. And yet somehow Loudoun always ends up near the max totals for the region (with the exception of the more southern storms).