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  1. Waterspout here in Colonial Beach. Someone else caught it on video. Came right over our house, bent trees sideways and blew my storm door off its hinges.
  2. I was in Carroll County, and I don't remember how much we got, but it was a lot.
  3. Second this. I've been in NoVA for 30 years and Loudoun has historically done better than Philly. Not so much NW of Philly, that would be more like Winchester, but certainly better than downtown.
  4. IAD is really at 11.1? Doesn't feel like it here, and I am not far away. Winchester to psuhoffman may be doing well this year, but usually that line is more Manassas to Westminster. It seems like the line of non-suckage is more further NW than in normal years.
  5. Pouring snow here in eastern Loudoun about 1.5" so far. This reminds me a lot of the borderline temps and rates of the Snowquester storm of a few years back - yes I know a sore spot for many, we got 8" while it was all rain 15 miles east.. The heavy wet nature of thr storm so far is very similar.
  6. Maybe on the coastal plain, but it was well below that on the Allegheny Plateau about 3-4 years ago. I was on a trip with family in Canaan Valley and it was subzero highs (I think -6 one day, -8 the other) on a Sat & Sun in Feb.
  7. 14" so far here in Canaan Valley - based on forecasts, could get close to 20" by Wed. So much for the 3-6" forecast as of Sun AM.
  8. I can live with that Leesburg total. Was hoping for 20+ but I will survive.
  9. DC always mixes during the big ones. And by always I don't mean usually, I mean nearly 100 percent of the time. Places like Loudoun, Frederick/Carroll do best often when DC mixes.
  10. How much of this is from the frontend vs. coastal? Doesn't seem to imply as strong of a coastal as some of the earlier solutions.
  11. So they're just forecasting based on the WAA, and they think that will last until Monday afternoon there?
  12. So, I know it's early and they will likely change this forecast, but what model is NWS PIT hugging in putting out this local forecast for Tucker County? Sure doesn't seem like any of them we've been discussing today -- unless there is a warm layer there that I'm missing.
  13. Northern VA fringed. Fortunately it's a trash model and will be wrong.
  14. I would literally pay for a forum where only the mets could post - even though it would mean I couldn't post. The amount of bad analysis from non mets is ... well, I was going to say stunning, but probably more accurate to say 'typical'.