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1 hour ago, WxUSAF said:

12z GFS has <0.1” through D10.

Normally the wet returns with a vengeance. However, not so sure this time.

Pondering whether this may be the driest period of thesSpring and summer, or does feedback start along with neutral Pac conditions and we stay dry. And from there go very hot. . 

Really dry out here. Grass is done ,  brown areas since three days ago, and every day the dryness becomes more evident.   

Bottom line is I hated the excessive rainfall that ruined my garden the last 3 summers but a drought is also a pain, every day you have to water, that grows old fast, especially since it  is only the middle of May.   

And, this wind today only makes it feel even drier. 




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2 hours ago, WxUSAF said:

12z GFS has <0.1” through D10.

This needs to stop soon or feedback will begin to kick in. It's been bizarre watching these high-based TS/shower events over the past few weeks. Looks and feels more like the West with the huge T/Td spreads, inverted V soundings and huge daytime mixing layers -- which have been sneakily depleting water via evapotranspiration while not providing much precip in return.

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All I know is my grass is patchy brown.  And thats with some pretty cool temps we've had for this time of year.  That shouldn't happen in May.

I haven't checked the daily numbers, but I'm confident I did not receive 1" of rain for May.  And my memory is that we've been below normal for several months prior.   We had the last of our high QPF events in December.  Since that time, it certainly feels we entered a new, dry regime.



I just checked the records.....I missed 1.3" that fell on 5/3, so I was wrong about May's total.  But, since that time I've had just 1"

And confirmed that I'm below normal every month since December,  although April was just a little below normal.

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On 6/1/2021 at 9:38 PM, mattie g said:

Not gonna lie...I love living in a world in which a dry month following what seems like 30 straight months of above-average precip = drought.

Yea I kinda lol at this thread in general every time it gets bumped as if a few weeks of no precip or a few months of below mean = some crazy freak thing!

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