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Midwest/Ohio Valley/Great Lakes Snow January 24-26


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7 minutes ago, WestMichigan said:

Don't you mean weakening which seems to be the trend?

One of these times we're gonna break that trend.  In this case if it does end up being weaker then let it miss to the South. I know we're all snow starved, but me personally, I'll pass on a weaker storm. As a few meteorologists on here have stated I think the pattern right now relies less on phasing so we might have a better chance if we can get a decent low. I believe this storm has gulf origin so I doubt moisture will be an issue. If this is gonna be the one to intensify, I'd rather be on the Northwest fringes at this point.

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Glad to see a thread with even a fraction of the energy that those of previous years have carried. One of my biggest fears is that the one time a storm does pan out properly, it happens too late in the game for me to enjoy circle-jerking with you guys over every last obscene model run

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