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Midwest/Ohio Valley/Great Lakes Snow January 24-26


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On 1/24/2023 at 8:05 PM, Dalfy said:

Ugh, we just can't beat climo can we. Given how sheared and southeast this wave is, I'll be happy if we reach 3'' in the city. 


On 1/24/2023 at 8:17 PM, Guest said:

Look at your radar dumbass not the model

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STL ended up with 2.1", dumbass.

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55 minutes ago, Harry said:

Not to shabby here with 6.5 and the added bonus with the track further north is the flow backed quicker for LES to come out this way. Now have another advisory for up to 4 inches which will put the seasonal total over 50". 

Hope all has been well with everyone. 

I'm still in single digits for snowfall.  Pretty crazy.  You're not located THAT far from me.  Undoubtedly the lake has helped you out quite a bit.

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Picked up another 0.2" today. A slushy morning but nevertheless beautiful. The conifers have kept their snow but a lot of the snow on other trees fell off. Snowmen and snowforts everywhere with the textbook packing snow.  Lost a few limbs off my big balsam fir.







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