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Summer Banter


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59 minutes ago, TWCCraig said:

It wasn't enough for most vegetation around here. Honestly looks like October out there with all the stressed trees. Bad foliage season coming up like we had in 2020 when the salt spray from Isaias destroyed the trees around here

Lots of trees in my neighborhood have been wilting and some already losing leaves. Major drought stress. We missed all the thunderstorms in my area. I’m honestly really worried. The .5 we got yesterday could have no way made it to the roots. Hoping the trees took water in from the leaves if that’s even a thing. I’m worried for them. We need a soaking rain and fast. 

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On 9/12/2022 at 6:22 PM, SRRTA22 said:

Storms *should* hold off until after 11pmish 

Thanks SRR and I wish I had seen this post sooner because I decided to NOT go to my event and I was kicking myself as I could have gotten it in,,,,,I was unsure and thought it might rain much earlier but you were correct it rained after 11 

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Just 2:1 in favor of an AN winter here as of now.        I think it was about 4.3:1 in favor of AN last year.        It actually shows a BN winter in the NW states that  border with Canada.       Now how often, if ever, is there a BN-3-Month Outlook that shows up as  BN.    KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.    Hope Santa does not need an AC to keep his reindeer cool as they approach NYC>    LOL

[New Forecast]

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