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17 hours ago, IronTy said:

Yeah, Junes like 2012 really shifted the mindset.   I mean we even had our fireplace going last weekend.  I haven't done that in at least a decade during June.  Not complaining, just seems abnormal after all the years of heat and humidity.


And to be fair, it's not like this is early June, July is a week away.  

Exactly a year ago from today (June 23), I was at Breezy Point wearing a coat it was so chilly. We can do good weather in late June too. B)

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Milder summers, milder winters (without snow) what more could someone want? ;)

I mean think about it for a minute.

Other places you really have to worry about losing your home to a tornado, landslide, earthquake, wildfire, avalanche, softball sized hail, widespread PDS events.  Sure in certain places flash flooding and perhaps twice a century tropical.  But this area is a bona fide natural disaster free zone!  Our insurance rates should be cheaper.

Most of the weather impact events in this area are more of inconvenient; i.e. loss of power.  If you've ever been in the bullseye of pulse severe, you know that can be a wild ride too.


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Time for a new gauge!  A couple weeks ago my gauge had an inch when the iweathernet rainfall map had less than 0.5.  Now for yesterday's event, iweather's map says 0.64 which correlates with amounts in that CoCoRaHS map above, and that darn gauge has 1.1 :axe:

I think the dang thing might be metric but I don't see any markings saying so.  Heck with it I'll just go by that map

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57 minutes ago, MN Transplant said:

Nice stripe through Arlington where that band set up.

2.12” of very welcome rain here.


Very close to my total.  1.74 yesterday through midnight and .48 after.

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1 hour ago, mattie g said:

Dude…most of us have struggled to get snow the last six years.

Yes. There is a subset tho that have not been a verified warning level snow since Jan. 2016. Lines up with that precip min on the map from yesterday. That crew missed the event you got last winter and a few years back. And all the others. 

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