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Potential Major Noreaster 10-26 through 10-27


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21 minutes ago, ORH_wxman said:

21z rap has like 70 knots at 950mb (not 925mb) on the south shore. Some areas there are gonna get absolutely smoked. Basically 1000 feet off the deck. Pine hills right on the shore there in PYM are prob ground zero. But some of the exposed spots up toward BOS (like Braintree/Weymouth/Marshfield axis) could get hit very hard as well. 

This is a situation where I hope the RAP soundings are a little overmixed (as is its bias) because otherwise they show some real nasty potential (like October 2017). 

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20 minutes ago, Sn0waddict said:

Anyone know how strong the storm is (mb) at the moment?

Estimate 978 mb and position around 41N 68W approx 100 nm east of ACK. Will pass over or very close to buoy 44008 in about 3-4 hours. Currently about 985 mb there and strong NNE wind steady in the 30-50 knot range. The buoy that it was near a few hours ago has only slowly rising pressure telling us that the center is deepening as it pulls away to the west of that location. Unfortunately no other buoys much closer than these two. 

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