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Fall Foliage


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12 minutes ago, WxUSAF said:

Decent number of leaves coming down this morning with the breeze while I was out on my birdwatching walk.  This warm/muggy interlude is probably going to sink our chances of a really great foliage season.  Still could be respectable though assuming the colors start popping when we get some cooler nights again starting next weekend.

How about out in CC/Upperco? (Elevation help? Lol)

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21 hours ago, jonjon said:


The trip up here should be colorful, but not a whole lot left once you get above 3k'.

Agree. I went up 219 and up over the Highland Scenic Highway (rt 150) yesterday. About 3500 was the cutoff for leaves still out. But from 2K-3K was pretty nice, once below 2K and heading back here (home) we still about a week out for full color. 

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1 hour ago, Paleocene said:

Gonna be green well into November here in the inner burbs.

Yeah, it's wild. Some trees in my neighborhood have turned all brown and most of their leave are gone, which may be related to the cicadas, both most trees are either still green or showing just a hint of change. Usually, most of the leaves are down by Halloween but my yard hardly has any.

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