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July Disc/obs 2021

George BM

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52 minutes ago, dailylurker said:

It was pretty slow today but has been decent lately. September is a good time for crabbing. 

77 for a high so far. Beautiful 



I would love to find a spot  like the one I had in my childhood to take my grandchildren to. 

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31 minutes ago, CAPE said:

Not much chance for meaningful rain this week. Drought thread might get some action.

Given that we so rarely have extreme weather conditions around here, we should just rename the Drought thread the "Dryness" thread and change the Severe thread to a "General Thunderstorms" thread. It would stop me from trolling the Drought thread, at least.

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1 hour ago, WxUSAF said:

It was pretty evident driving home that the smoke is reducing visibility at ground level as well.

Yep, HRRR has some pretty nasty (4-6SM vis) smoke descending to the surface tomorrow and especially late Wed. I would expect a lot more smoke haze aloft over the next couple of days, but the weak cold advection behind Wednesday's little front will probably help drag more of it to the surface. Not going to be great for folks with respiratory issues.

Can't imagine what later this summer and fall are going to look like with the way it's going out West this year.

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