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Tropical Storm Eta

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1 minute ago, Moderately Unstable said:

(1) Entries are allowed until the aircraft is "in storm": within the storm's circulation. Assuming this radius to be 150mi, at a speed of 240knots, they have around a half hour. 

(2) Should I allow guess updates (yes or no)?  

Why not. It's not over until the fat airplane sings.

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concentric band, but it is too far from the main eyewall band to have much of an effect at this moment. 
Yes it will need to contract some in the next few hours to begin really starving the inner eye of low-level convergence. I think recon is going to get lucky with peak, though the inner vorticity maximum might be able to get a bit stronger in the short-term.

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Just now, NorthHillsWx said:

I can’t believe 2020 pulled off a cat 5 in November 

dont count your chickens lol. This could be the 5/20 of hurricanes. But realistically, real good chance this is sub 910, and a not-so-outside shot at sub 900.

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