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  1. It's 44 degrees here, with the expected low in the 30's. Too bad I'm coming back to the muggy city. I had a week of splendid weather.
  2. My activity today at 11,500 feet on the Allalin.
  3. Saas-Fee is at 6,000 feet elevation. The surrounding mountains are up to 15,000 feet at the peak of the Dom glacier, the second tallest mountain in Switzerland. I went up with a cable car to 10,000 feet today, which is above the snow level, but in the blazing sun it was 73 degrees. However, it cools down much more at night. It's a half hour past sunset now and we're down to 57 already, from a high of 76.
  4. 46 degrees and sunny this morning. My view this morning:
  5. Mid-60s and sunny in Saas-Fee, Switzerland in the middle of the day, with snow-covered mountains all around me. I think I'm staying here.
  6. High up in the Swiss Alps. It was 34 there this morning. It's 38 degrees now after noon.
  7. 83/68 in the park today. -0.5 keeping the streak alive...
  8. In other news, it's 44 degrees in the middle of the day, with a forecasted low of near freezing tonight, at the vacation spot I'm going to next week.
  9. Another beautiful morning.
  10. 85/64 in the park today. -2. And to the breaking news! Tomorrow, the average finally starts ticking down. 83/69 average.
  11. Low of 64 in the park and Newark. Only 68 in the LGA furnace. 50's pretty much everywhere off the UHI.
  12. Good radiational cooling. Westhampton down to 58.