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  1. Just a gigantic swath of Hurricane force winds at FL.
  2. 949.8mb extrap. 97kts unflagged highest in NW eyewall. Looks like it's going for a pass in the N eyewall now.
  3. The eye dropsonde is still pretty saturated.
  4. 125kts peak FL wind in the NE eyewall.
  5. Strongest winds in the SW eyewall. Not too hot there. 152030 1904N 05328W 7515 02220 9644 +209 +157 272081 086 084 003 00
  6. Storm penetration by recon is imminent.
  7. ...TEDDY BECOMES A MAJOR HURRICANE... ...SWELLS FORECAST TO SPREAD ACROSS THE SOUTHWESTERN ATLANTIC INTO THIS WEEKEND INCREASING RIP CURRENT THREAT... 11:00 AM AST Thu Sep 17 Location: 19.3°N 53.0°W Moving: NW at 12 mph Min pressure: 957 mb Max sustained: 120 mph
  8. A second recon flight just took off.
  9. Convection exploded north of the eye and wrapping around
  10. Raw t is up to 6.7. Recon is on the way.
  11. The satellite look degraded over the past hour.
  12. Teddy looks the best yet on the very last infrared frame.