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  1. Cheap midnight low incoming, saving today's departure.
  2. I look at it this way. We got 20% of our average annual snowfall yesterday. It was December 9. Kudos Paul on the completely accurate reading of the modeling. In the temps, wetbulb, ratios and accumulations.
  3. Lot of fun driving down from Rockland in the snow tonight. Snow accumulated on the Palisades and it wasn't plowed properly. It's amazing that once you got onto the GWB, everything was suddenly melted.
  4. As they say, first bring the cold, the snow usually follows.
  5. No electricity for a week. No school. No heat. It was crazy. We had electric stoves, so no hot food. Trees were down all over.
  6. I have lots of memories of this as a kid in Montreal
  7. Aren't they different terms for the same thing?
  8. EPS has a long-lasting raging +PNA days 5-15.
  9. EPS flips the patttern the 6th into the 7th. Not getting later in time.
  10. Today's 56/35 actually managed a -0.5 day.