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  1. Recon showing it's down to 967mb, but the winds are barely hurricane force.
  2. recon finds 972mb extrapolated. The winds on the fist pass aren't stronger than earlier, despite much healthier look. Pressure falls also not so dramatic.
  3. Dropsonde also got 70kts in the SE quadrant.
  4. 979mb extrapolated. Not a bad guess for the NHC. Unflagged 72kts SFMR and multiple readings in this range in the SE quadrant. FL up to 88kts. Also multiple readings.
  5. No secondary wind max on the NW quartile. We'll know about the SE quartile in several minutes. Unflagged 154kts SFMR reading in the NW.
  6. Unflagged SFMR of 156kts in the NE eyewall.
  7. Looks like both recon planes are heading home to bed at the same time.
  8. An additional 1.13" in KJFK in the past 37 minutes. Up to 3.46".
  9. 2.08" in NYC 2.34" in EWR. 2.33" in JFK. 1.61" in LGA. 1.87" in HPN. 3.38" in TEB. 
  10. GFS has it as very powerful, but still OTS.