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  1. Even in a year full of RI events, what Gati has done today is extremely impressive. LOOK: Tropical Cyclone 03A (#Gati) "explosively" intensified from a minimal Tropical Storm to a (Category 3-equivalent) Severe Cyclonic Storm in just 12 hours. According to JTWC, it is now bearing down on Somalia with 1-minute maximum sustained winds of up to 185 km/h. https://t.co/IqtOEWXsSS
  2. 964mb on the dropsonde. Winds up significantly. 89kts FL and 82kts unflagged SFMR.
  3. The next frame might be stronger for all we know.
  4. Another Air Force Recon plane just took off.
  5. We might not be impressed by garbage hurricanes after this.
  6. Was a sad tropical storm less than a day ago. It might be a major hurricane already, based on satellite.
  7. 90kts unflagged SFMR in the NW eyewall. Pressure dropped a few mb in between passes.
  8. And we get to finish the alphabet in one shot.
  9. 974mb on the dropsonde in the eye, and we have the NE eyewall dropsonde with 81kts a hair above the surface with lower average of 88kts.
  10. 973mb extrapolated. 87kts FL, 80kts SFMR.
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