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  1. Pouring out here. Cell trying to get together, but nothing really special.
  2. Watch is going up soon:
  3. Outlook released, still a moderate in relatively the same locations as before. edit: exact same location
  4. For everyone wanting to see the image:
  5. Lots of clearing overhead, snapped a quick pic.
  6. 7-8PM
  7. Definitely would be a nowcast situation based on the clearing/warm front situation over the next 3/4 hours.
  8. Added a quick edit right before you posted that, sorry! For the Chicago metro, unchanged. For Indiana/Ohio/Central Illinois interests, the moderate was definitely expanded. Edit: also see they introduced a 30% hatched hail risk.
  9. SPC update virtually unchanged. Extended south a bit (and a little north in SW Wisconsin) and a bit further east into Ohio.
  10. Good outbreak to test out if the experimental model is better.
  11. Some images to go along
  12. The 991 should be a mistake. Pivotal doesn't have the low on the 4k NAM going that low, and tidbits has the low jumping to 997 right after. Some output issue.
  13. 991? That's the only model that bombs out the low pressure that low.
  14. In the outlook Broyles mentioned that he liked the WRF-NSSL4. Probably the reason that he expanded the moderate a bit westward. I don't understand the trimming of the moderate in north-central Illinois, but Broyles sees something that the forum disagrees on.
  15. Trimmed outlook, but nonetheless interesting. Looks more NW/SE oriented and trimmed moderate down to the border.