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  1. Here comes your full on crazy truck tire...
  2. Probably not when you're talking about the difference between cat 4 and 5, but certainly when you're talking about the difference between a Ts/weak disorganized hurricane and a major hurricane.
  3. SFMR winds in the NE quad somewhat unimpressive on that pass. Only ~ 105 kt.
  4. I had quite a chuckle at "full crazy truck tire" Next NOAA mission about to penetrate the core.
  5. In all seriousness, it looks like 2 more days of steady (if not decreasing by day 2) shear and steady SSTs in the 28-29 C range. So there is plenty of time.
  6. I was about to make fun of all the people who keep saying this will make a run for cat 5, but ADT is now solidly at 6.6 (corresponding to 130 kt) with Raw T at 7.0. Doesn't really have that far to go to pull a Lorenzo...
  7. There is also an AF plane going in, so we will have lots of data in the next few hours.
  8. Yeah, I honestly think it could go either way. There is clearly some shear affecting the CDO (making it asymmetric).
  9. Though, it doesn't look like that surface wind was related to a gust/mesovotex. The consistent readings of 130 kt aloft as well suggest to me that 115 kt might be a reasonable intensity.
  10. Looks like there is also a bit of a double wind maxima in the NE quadrant.
  11. Again, is anyone in this forum **really that surprised** to see a comment like this?? But to answer the question, no **that** (whatever "that" is) is probably not an eye clearing out.
  12. There were consistent radar echo tops > 60,000 ft this morning - not sure I have ever seen this in a TC.
  13. Hehehehe, i was waiting for this comment.
  14. Isn't this what the forum is all about???