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  1. Que in the parade of weenies that try arguing that every asymmetric eyewall is due to radar issues. Do we have to go through this every time? Yes, even intense TCs will have eyewall asymmetry. Pretty dead giveaway that its not a radar issues when it shows up from every radar site, and the weakness is on the upshear side of the storm. It does look like the weakness has become more pronounced in the last hour.
  2. I would be incredibly surprised if this one wasn't also an EF-4 (or 5).
  3. I'm guessing it will be assessed as a continuous track.
  4. Hard to tell - looks like it might be the same circulation.
  5. confirmed, still a wedge on humphree's cam.
  6. John Humphress has been periodically showing a massive wedge.
  7. this is literally a few minutes after someone called bust
  8. That storm just took a massive hike toward the right as well.
  9. Same thing happened on 4-12-20, prior to the series of long-tracked massive supercell tornadoes. Also, there's a wedge on the ground in eastern AL. TOO EARLY TO CALL BUST.
  10. Lol, just as the weenies start to call bust, the "junkvection line" starts to turn into supercells. Look at eastern MS
  11. That has to be one of the most stunning chaser feed moments i have seen. I thought he was going to get hit. Thing is moving like a freight train.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/abc3340/videos/301625501323080
  13. Looks like the classic enhanced inflow signature had developed that proceeds a big spin-up
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