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OBS thread Feb 20-21, 2019


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14 minutes ago, Snow88 said:

The weenies in the Mid Atlantic can't lose. There are reports of 3+ inches already in some areas.

The Euro has verified best down there so far.  The heaviest snows are northern and western MD and near the MD/PA border.  DCA and IAD are now south of the heaviest snow and will probably get 3-4.  Not the 6-8 the NWS had yesterday and the NAM and high res RGM were showing 

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5 minutes ago, Bosswx said:

DUMPING here. Looking out the window is hypnotizing.  Temp dropping down to 29.8 and rh rose to 76%. I think this would definitely be a 1" hr band or more.

Same thing happening here. 31 now. RH is up to 65%. Everything except the roads got coated in about 10 minutes


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Unfortunately, some of the best frontogenesis associated w/ this system is going into saturating what was a very deep layer of dry air, shown below on the 12Z OKX sounding. While the DGZ was quite thin, if you take into account the wet bulb temp, it's rather deep in that 700-500mb layer. Likely why areas just to the SW are going from 10SM+ vis to <1 in a hurry, earlier than modeled.



The lower-level fronto bands farther south aren't quite tapping into the DGZ, but the better lift is producing +SN.


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