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  1. Subtropical Storm Alberto

    Sure looks like a (sheared) TC this morning.
  2. With the potential for severe with the fast flow north of the border. Wouldn’t take much of a shortwave to dig.
  3. may 10-16 convection

    Great gustnado over NY harbor at the edge of the gustfront - I've never seen one before and it was textbook. Visual swirl in the water, strong enough to create spray, with no funnel attaching to the cloud base. Started north of Liberty Island and shot across the harbor to north of Governors Island before it left my field of view. Damn cool sight from a 38th floor window! Anyways, this storm is excellent and severe and as advertised here at the Battery.
  4. may 10-16 convection

    And just like that, it's warned.
  5. may 10-16 convection

    I mean, I guess on a day like today the NWS can be picky with their warnings, but I would warn that spin up along the line near Narrowsburg NY.
  6. may 10-16 convection

    Literally perfect. NW flow downslopes off of higher terrain; westerly flow still downslopes but not as dramatically and a smidge further from the city. You might have a better chance of a tornado with convection along a warm front, particularly late season when the marine influence isn't as strong, but for big hail and big straight line winds today is the setup.
  7. may 10-16 convection

    Alright, latest update as I can see it: -our best developed sup, the storm that started wrapping-up near Saugerties and which looked textbook for a while, just hit some higher terrain and occluded a touch and my guess will be is about to cycle again when it hits the Housatonic valley near Sheffield. - the sup behind it, near Kingston, seems is flashing low-level rotation off and on. Could flare at any time. - the monster HP storm over the Catskills is about to drop into the valley where winds are backed, and I expect a party.
  8. may 10-16 convection

    And meanwhile, back in Lewisburg PA, our QLCS/Derecho is going APE****. Lest we get distracted by the once-a-decade supercell train going on in the mid-Hudson Valley.
  9. may 10-16 convection

    THat may be a TDS on the Liberty storm. Hard to tell but we'll know in a few scans.
  10. may 10-16 convection

    Look at that line of supercells in the Hudson Valley. Holy ****ing ****.
  11. may 10-16 convection

    Saugerties storm has textbook flying eagle radar presentation. Best in Northeast since 2011, easily!
  12. may 10-16 convection

    LOL on the TOR warning for the Liberty storm. That was totally a "**** it, 74 DBZ, I don't even really care if the rotation is broad" warning. EDIT: And check out the hail spike from the Albany radar on the Liberty storm! I have NEVER seen that in the Northeast!
  13. may 10-16 convection

    That sup near Saugerties is gorrrrrrgeous. Beautiful RFD showing up on radar. Hope we get some cell phone videos on Youtube... EDIT: And now looks like a TDS with strong rain-wrapped rotation on the Saugerties storm. It's on, its SO on.
  14. may 10-16 convection

    And that supercell near Liberty doesn't have strong low-level rotation yet, but look at that inflow!
  15. may 10-16 convection

    Boy I would warn the **** out of that storm near Saugerties. That sure looks like strong low level rotation immediately upon hitting the backed winds in the valley!