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Bob Chill

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Heavy snow here if this keeps up just for another 2 or so hours we will hi our lowered totals. But ive been down this path before when the news comes on at 11 they will say the sleet ice compacted the snow so you didnt get as much as you thought. even tho it was measured before most of the ice came. I just hope we can hold onto some snow pack now with the last half of the storm being rain and now out of no where im gonna be 40 over night when before my highest temp was 32-33 12 hours ago haha.

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yeah every one please be safe. this is why I hate when local news/mets saying be dodged a bullet. sure we are not getting as much as we once were. but the roads will still be bad on top of this the flash freeze from everything wet and melting in the areas that have the snow.


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28 minutes ago, mattie g said:

I live in this forum’s area and have had drizzle much of the day. Really happy to see the obs from PA. Really warms my heart.

Lol... yep. I have -3 to -4" of snow so far. Snowpack doesnt stand a chance and is getting decimated. Hoping the big pile i made at the end of my driveway survives. That's the only thing I can root for.

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1 hour ago, clskinsfan said:

I have .2 of sleet here. This stuff is going to turn into concrete tomorrow night. Snow pack is holding on strong though. 

Nothing but rain here.  Went to dinner at carrabas and ran into sleet about a mile north of Stephen's city.  Came out of the restaurant and drove up to lowes at about 7pm and it was heavy sleet with some ground coverage.  Drove back home to my 34F rain.

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