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Mentioned it in the foliage thread... but after looking into it this is pretty damn impressive.

Last night's minimum temperature at our 3,600ft station at the top of the Gondola was 66F (!)....and it looks like the MMNV1 station was very similar with 66F showing on the 5-min temps.

For perspective... yesterday's low of 60F was the highest min of the entire warm season.  This morning's 66F would crush that and beats the old record high min of 58F from 1970.

The record high for today is 70F and it's already gotten to 74F up there prior to noon. 

But man, a minimum temp of 66F at the picnic tables on September 25th is incredible.

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4 minutes ago, OceanStWx said:

This is the kind of air mass that was in place back in Sep 1821 when the EF3 ripped through just north of CON. 

Just saying...



My tree took enough damage last night, thanks.

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