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  1. I am who I am.  When the bell tolls, I do not seek to find out for whom it tolls - it tolls for me.

  2. When temps are 10 degrees below normal for highs, what do you call it?
  3. Just noticed we were still using the winter thread so I create a spring one:
  4. Just noticed we were still using the winter thread when it's nearly the middle of Spring!
  5. If not tomorrow, that forsythia will probably bloom on Tuesday or Wednesday when the skies clear. Mine are slightly behind that but you run warmer than I do on average. 2012 bloomed on March 24th so you're running about a 7-8 days later than 2012. April 18th is the average date since 2002.
  6. Yeah, my 7th warmest March so far. I'm not sure how the 4 majors are ranking.
  7. For the majors? I believe so. Most Coops though are 7a-7a.
  8. Same here...I measured 3.8-4.0 on the snowboard before the change over.
  9. What's this white stuff floating around? Is that the Korona?
  10. Glad I don't live there. 61 here.
  11. 56 here...will I make it to 70?
  12. Looks like a few hours of 2012 and then it's back to March 2020. I saw some 70s south of NYC and 80s south of DC...even an 86 at one spot. Ouch! Glad we don't live there.