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  1. Just book keeping noise.... Note: Due to the recent change in federal hospital reporting requirements and definitions which went live July 22, ongoing data accuracy and integrity issues were experienced with today's report. DPH and the reporting hospitals are making every effort to mitigate these reporting challenges.
  2. "The results of the first tests on human volunteers were published Tuesday in the New England Journal of Medicine. The trials showed that two shots of the vaccine resulted in antibodies in the bloodstream equivalent to those in COVID-19 survivors." The only problem with that is the current number being used for antibody immunity is 6 weeks. That's quite an astronomical amount of shots that might be needed...
  3. Insurance funded new roofs are the best kind.
  4. I talked to Bob Hedlund this summer and they are considering a name change to Warmouth.
  5. From what I've read they dry out very quickly, so you have to water frequently. I was going to try these for my Japanese maple grafts. Set them and forget them...
  6. Hit the driveway with the big squeegee, kids should be able to skate on it tomorrow. 33 and raining...
  7. Pouring rain here. The 3" of slop should be gone soon.
  8. ...and what percent of existing buildings are built to the current codes, 5%?
  9. There's nothing like watching 30' waves crashing over rooftops, especially if you are a contractor...
  10. Also many households both parents work. You could also argue that the kids are safer in a 50 ton bus driving 20mph through town than having parents rushing around finding daycare. I'd bet there are more acidents/injuries due to marginal school cancellations than actual school bus crashes.