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  1. South Shore Slop

    SNE Tropical Weather Discussion - Hurricanes

    There's nothing like watching 30' waves crashing over rooftops, especially if you are a contractor...
  2. Also many households both parents work. You could also argue that the kids are safer in a 50 ton bus driving 20mph through town than having parents rushing around finding daycare. I'd bet there are more acidents/injuries due to marginal school cancellations than actual school bus crashes.
  3. South Shore Slop

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Pounding, 2" STUCK TO TREES, 34....
  4. South Shore Slop

    The King Regains its Throne

  5. That's a sea wall? Looks more like a jersey barrier. They'll be fine...
  6. South Shore Slop

    Blizzard 2018 Take II: The Firehose

  7. South Shore Slop

    Blizzard 2018 Take II: The Firehose

  8. South Shore Slop

    Blizzard 2018 Take II: The Firehose

  9. South Shore Slop

    A Three Pronged Attack on the US

    Map out where the local preppers live and plan out our attacks.
  10. South Shore Slop

    January 6-7th Ocean Effect Snow Map

    I heard it was snowing in Harwich this morning.
  11. South Shore Slop

    Tropical Season 2017