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  1. https://www.accuweather.com/en/home-garden-articles/earth-you/remembering-the-perfect-storm/618195
  2. Heading down the cape tomorrow to chase. Who's in?
  3. Maybe Prospect Hill by the old fire tower jackpots with 4.3! Is the tower still there?
  4. I'm thinking that spot to the right of the Rockland/Hanson town line sign could be good for 4".......
  5. hmm, seems pretty calm here in hanson right now
  6. Don't worry James, by Monday night you will probably have more snow on the ground than any member in MA, CT, and RI....
  7. 96 here, hottest day of the summer.
  8. Imagine being on this plane... Pilots of a Delta Airlines flight 1889 had to make an emergency landing - without being able to see out of the windshield - after baseball-sized hailstones wrecked the front of the plane. The hail also destroyed the GPS navigation system at the front of the aircraft, which was flying from Boston to Salt Lake City on Friday night. The pilots managed to land in Denver - where the passengers could see the extent of the damage to the Airbus 320's cone. Many said they were lucky to be alive after relatively normal turbulence became a 'roller coaster' up in the air. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3190510/Delta-flight-make-blind-emergency-landing-hail-storm-gives-plane-cracked-windshield-damaged-nose.html#ixzz3iGPFZo6t Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  9. This could go down as the most costly natural disaster in MA's history.
  10. That sounds about right. I did 3 measurements, 1", 5", and 7" this morning. Probably had an 1" or 2" since then. .NORFOLK COUNTY... NORTH WEYMOUTH 19.8 700 AM 2/09 TRAINED SPOTTER SOUTH WEYMOUTH 8.5 1051 PM 2/08 MEDIA WALPOLE 5.5 838 PM 2/08 HAM RADIO FOXBOROUGH 5.2 919 PM 2/08 HAM RADIO DOVER 4.8 918 PM 2/08 HAM RADIO MILLIS 4.3 917 PM 2/08 HAM RADIO ...PLYMOUTH COUNTY... NORWELL 16.5 603 AM 2/09 HAM RADIO BROCKTON 11.0 509 AM 2/09 TRAINED SPOTTER ROCKLAND 10.0 1115 PM 2/08 TRAINED SPOTTER HANOVER 8.0 1127 PM 2/08 GENERAL PUBLIC PLYMOUTH 4.9 1203 AM 2/09 GENERAL PUBLIC
  11. Blizzard conditions. Second biggest "storm" of the year here in Hanson. +3" and piling up rapidly. Fluff bomb.
  12. Damage in Scituate MA being reported as severe.
  13. The first high tide is 10,5 ft. The second is 9.5 ft. Last I saw the surge will be 3'+. The Blizzard of 78 and 91 no name had 16'+ tides (11' tide, 5' surge) so there should be only moderate flooding.