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  1. If you can use rough sawn the local mills haven't raised their prices. I just paid $.60/bf for pine to be used for some raised beds. That equals about $3.00 for an 8' 2x4.
  3. HRRR's thermostat is broken, at least for this area.
  4. Just started here, a few flakes in the air.
  5. Just cleared the driveway...
  6. There's been 121 deaths post vaccine. So 121 out of 15,000,000 or so. None have been attributed directly to the vaccine so far.
  7. See new Tweets Conversation Luke O'Neill @laoneill111 This study has analysed CoV2 variants (including UK and South African) for likelihood of current vaccines failing. Author concludes ‘confident current vaccines will be useful for quite a while’.… 2:18 PM · Jan 5, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
  8. Correct...
  9. 2" in the last hour but very wet snow now.
  10. At Mass. General, for example, about 30 percent of COVID patients are at the hospital primarily for some other reason — but also happen to test positive for COVID. They are mostly asymptomatic.
  11. If 75% of the population is overweight, then if all things were equal, 75% of hospitalizations would consist of overweight patients. So that 85% figure isn't that much of an outlier...
  12. I'm not sure an EUA vaccine can be mandated by law. I've heard from a reliable source that 40% of healthcare workers are willing to get the shots on a national level. Nursing home residents get next priority.